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Unique Torsade Choker Of Faux Seed Pearls W A Floating Slide Crystal Medallion

When Clive’s Unique Jewelry sets out to purchase any items whether it be real gems or costume jewelry we look for 3 points.  1. Is the item unique?  2. What is its condition ?  and 3. It is well made quality wise?

This recently made costume necklace green lights all three categories.  This unsigned beauty consists of a torsade of multi strands of faux  seed pearls supporting a beautiful golden “floating” slide medallion consisting of 2 rows of Rhinestone Crystal baguettes and graduated round Rhinestone crystals all bezel set. We have even included a photo of the reverse side of the slider….very well made.  Where would I wear this you ask? Answer…..Bridal, Cruise Wear, Dress Up, Dress Down, Cocktail, Proms, Holidays.

Note: A Torsade is a fancy way of describing a multi strand necklace that is twisted in shape.  

Material: Faux Seed Pearls-Multi Strand
Length: About 16.0″ W A 3.25″ Extension Chain
Slide Medallion: 1.50″ X 1″ Tapered
Age: New
Condition: Great
Item:# 5612
Price:$ 125.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free of charge.

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Unique Swarovski Spider Pendant Necklace


Little Miss Muffet Sat On A Tuffet Eating Her Curds & Whey,  When Along Came A Spider And Sat Down Beside Her And Scared Miss Muffet Away”

In case some of you don’t know what a tuffet is. It’s a small clump of grass or a small foot stool.  The Arachnid in Clive’s nursery rhyme however just happens to be a magnificent pavé black, white,and yellow Swarovski crystal pendant suspended on a silver chain. The pendant is of superior quality and there even is a photo of the reverse side to show the quality of workmanship.  We  think Miss Muffet of the famous rhyme would love this pendant !

Material: Black, White & Yellow Swarovski Crystals
Chain: Silver W Bar & Circle Clasp
Spider Size: 2.0″ In. Height 3.0″ In. Width
Chain Length: 8.0″ In.
Condition: Pristine: All Pavé Crystals Invisible Prong Set
Item #: 5609
Price: $ 195.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

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Scarab Necklace W/Semi Precious Gems.

A carved scarab was revered as a sacred symbol, believed to have powers of rejuvenation. Egyptians saw the scarab as a symbol of renewal and rebirth.

Scarab jewelry was very popular in the 1950’s and were made from a variety of sources from plastic to actual scarabs.  The necklace we present here is reminiscent of that 1950’s era .  This necklace consists of a center Tiger Eye carved oval medallion supported by 14 semi precious stones all hand carved including Amethyst, Carnelian, Malachite and Tiger Eye all bezel set in a golden chain.  If ever there was a time for renewal, this is it.

Material: Semi Precious carved scarab stones.
Size: Center Oval medallion 1 3/8″ Wide, Smaller
Stones 1/2″ wide.
Length: Approx 9″
Condition: Excellent
Age: Undetermined
Item #: 5602
Price:$ 125.00

As usual shipping and insurance charges are free.

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Unique Vintage Italian Glass Necklace

A double strand of Italian Cobalt Blue and Milk Glass beads support a Gardenia blue & white glass  floral medallion accented with blue Rhinestone crystals. Each bead is individually knotted.  This signed Made In Italy necklace  dates back to the late 60’s & early 1970’s and Clive’s Unique Jewelry purchased this necklace from a private collection. It’s time to make an international statement.

Material: Italian Glass
Length: 20″
Clasp: Hidden Slide (In Back Of Medallion)
Condition: Excellent-Never Worn
Item #: 5600
Price:$ 165.00

As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free.

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Unique Vintage Chico’s Lemon Yellow Crystal & Chain Mail Necklace

Chico’s retail fashion stores (named after a friend’s Parrot) founded in the early 1980’s by and for women has become an important source for fashion and design.  This vintage necklace consists of silver tone chain mail supporting 5 lemon yellow, bezel & prong set square crystal stones.  Chico’s….a name consistent with quality and uniqueness since its founding.

Material: Silver Tone Metal
Dimensions: Chain Mail- 1″ Wide
Length: 14″ W/ 4″ Extension Chain
Stones: Lemon Yellow Crystals, Approx. 1″ Square Ea.
Condition: Excellent
Item # : 5599
Price: $ 145.00

As Usual, Shipping & Insurance Are Free.

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Unique Napier Twisted Rope Collar/Choker

Napier- a name that has been on the forefront of fashion and design since it’s beginning in the late 1800’s and grew in the 1920’s to make an important influence in fashion even to the present day.  This twisted, silver tone signed piece is an example of the uniqueness which makes this jewelry timeless in its design. Easy to accessorize for work, play or dress up.

Metal: Chrome
Style: Twisted Rope Collar/Choker
Length: 18″ W/Oversize Spring Ring Clasp
Age: Undetermined
Condition: Excellent
Item #: 5594
Price: $ 150.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

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Very Unique Pirate’s Skull Necklace


Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh-Me Mateys

There are occasions when Clive goes jewelry shopping all  alone and that’s when we never know what he will bring home.  Here is a result of one such purchase.  What we have here is a silver, red and black bead necklace accented with 4  resin painted Pirate’s skull heads complete with eye patches and of course cannonball shrapnel holes in their skulls.  Make this your Piece de Resistance to your swashbuckling wardrobe.!!

Material: Opaque Resin
length: 20″
Beads: Plastic
Condition: Excellent\
Item #: 5592
Price: $ 45.00

Please Note: Normally there is no charge for shipping & insurance but this piece will only be shipped free to an address with the Continental United States. Thank you.

For a closer look, please click on photos below.


Unique Yellow Jasper & Onyx Double Strand Necklace

Yellow Jasper: It is believed to be a nurturing stone helping to calm the nerves and emotions ! (and boy do we ever need it now more than ever!)  This double strand beauty consists of over 100 opaque Yellow Jasper beads individually knotted and then accented with an off set black Onyx medallion and black faceted Onyx  stones.  Just the feel of the cool stones has a calming effect. Calm your nerves and look beautiful at the same time !

Composition: Yellow Jasper & Onyx Length: 21 Inches (Approximate) Medallion Size: 1-1/2″ Inches in Diameter Carved Clasp: Box Style Item #: 5591 Price:$ 145.00

•  As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free.

•  For a closer look, please click on photos below.

Unique Mid Century Champleve Enameled Copper Necklace Demi-Parure

Champlevé ….a term used to describe a method of enameling poured into metal hollows.  And here is a beautiful example of that process in this exquisite mid century Copper enameled and gilded  necklace with matching clip on earrings.  This set is what my friend Eleanore McMIllan describes as ” Unsigned Jewelry-Orphans Of Beauty”  So let’s find this “Orphan” a great home”.

Metal: Mixed Metals & Enameling
Style: Mid Century Modern Choker
Length: 17 Inches Consisting of 13- 1-1/4 Inch Diameter Discs
Earrings: 1-1/4 Inch Diameter Discs- Clip On
Item #: 5593
Price:$ 295.00

•  As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free

•  For a closer look, please click on photos below.



Unique Modernism Style S. Silver & Gold Rhodolite Pendant

Rhodolite, a species of the Garnet group ranging from pink to rose translucent colors.   The teardrop shaped stone is bezel set into Sterling Silver with Gold accents and a Cubic Zirconia and a small, bezel set Cabochon Amethyst. The Sterling Silver serpent chain is also gold plated to the reverse side as well so the chain can be worn both ways.  Rhodolite…..a symbol of inspiration and healing and if ever we need that it is NOW.

Metal: Mixed..Gold, Sterling Silver
Mineral Class: Pyrope
Pendant Size: 1.0 X 2.0 Inches
Chain: Serpentine W/Lobster Claw Clasp
Item #: 5586
Price: $ 95.00

As usual shipping & insurance are  free.

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Unique Vintage Gerda Lynggaard Red & Black Horn Necklace Set

Since 1993 Clive”s Unique Jewelry (AKA C.H.E. Antiques LLC) has been selling jewelry made and designed by Gerda Lynggaard for Monies Copenhagen, Denmark.  For over 28 years her jewelry has never lost its popularity.  In fact Lynggaard’s designs are very desirable to this present day.  From Clive’s private collection comes this vintage red and black horn  multi strand overlap necklace and earring set accented with randomly  placed star shape accent pieces.  This set was purchased new by Clive and has never been worn. One earring and necklace are signed with the round metal stamp. Some jewelry is timeless and never goes out of style.

Length: 11 Inches
Earring: Clip On & 1.5 Inches Wide Irregularly Shaped.
Material: Horn
Age: Vintage Over 25 years Old
Condition: Purchased As New, Never Worn.
Item #:5582
Price: $400.00. Price Reduced: $250.00

•  As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free.

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Unique S, Silver Double Heart Pendant

There is the Big Easy, The Big Apple, The Big Circus Top,  and now Clive’s Unique Jewelry presents The Big Little…yes that’s correct….The Big Little….small things that make a big impression and this Sterling Silver double heart pendant is one of them.  Suspended on a Sterling Silver chain  are 2 Sterling Silver hearts….( see detail dimensions below).  Sometimes something small can make a very beautiful statement !

Small Heart: 1/2″ Wide
Large Heart: 3/4″ Wide
Metal: Sterling Silver
Chain: Sterling Silver 15″ w/ 2″ Extension Chain
Item: 5567
Price: $60.00

•  Always free shipping & insurance.

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Unique S. Silver Hummingbird Pendant

Well, there’s The Big Easy and The Big Apple and now Clive’s Unique Jewelry presents the Big Little…..That’s right the Big Little…..a delightful Sterling Silver Hummingbird pendant to welcome Spring & Summer.  This little bird is also accented with a blue crystal stone possibly a Blue Topaz (we didn’t care what the stone was….we liked the pendant. ) ( Sometimes something very little can make a big impression ! (and who doesn’t love Hummingbirds ? )

Pendant Size: 1.0 Inch X 1.0 Inch
Metal: Sterling Silver w/Blue Crystal
Chain: Sterling Silver 16.0 Inches w/Lobster Claw
Clasp & 2.0 Inches Extension Chain
Condition: New
Item #: 5569
Price : $50.00

•  ALWAYS free shipping & insurance.

•  For a closer look please click on photos below.

Unique Multi Color Retro Parure

A Parure is a full set of matching jewelry to be worn en suite usually consisting of 3 or more pieces…..a Demi Parure is less than three matching pieces.  This Parure consists of a matching Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings. (Parure is a fancy way of saying a complete set).  This set consists of a hinged silver tone collar set with a variety of geometric colored stones with matching clip on earrings and open cuff bracelet.  The set is brand new but represents a beautiful design going back to the 1950’s.  The necklace was also referred to as a tiara design for many of the real gemstone tiaras were designed like this.  You can look like royalty for much less $$$$$.

Size: Hinged Round Collar ID 5.0 Inches At Widest
Bracelet: Fixed Open Cuff-ID 2.25 Inches
Earrings: 0.75 Inches Square-Clip On Style
Metal: Silver Tone
Style: 1950’s Retro Multi Color
Item #: 5549
price: $ 195.00

•  As usual shipping & insurance are free.

•  For a closer look please click on photos below.


Unique Champagne Crystal Necklace-Teardrop Motif

There Are Tears of Joy, Happiness, Sadness, Of a Clown, In Our Eyes  and a dazzling necklace that will make your eyes water……at least they did for Clive’s Unique Jewelry.  11 graduated large teardrop Champagne tinted faceted crystals adorn this necklace.  Each large crystal is enclosed in a white Rhinestone border.  Both the inner circle and outer circle are lined with round and smaller tear drop crystals.  This is truly jewelry to live for !

length: 9.0 inches
Material: Faceted Crystals & White Rhinestones
Clasp: Lobster Claw w/ 2.50 Extension Chain
Color: Champagne (Varied Shades)
Item #: 5563
Price: $ 125.00

•  As usual shipping & insurance are free.

•  For a closer look, please click on photos below.


Unique 6 Strand Copper Luster & Topaz Crystal Necklace

This amazing necklace starts out with 8 circles of Onyx beads that support 6 strands of Opalescent  faceted  Milk Glass beads  which lead to 6 strands of Champagne faceted crystals which lead to 6 strands of Topaz faceted crystals which finally ends with faceted Copper Luster Beads and all of this is accented with small Black Onyx crystals all the way down.  The long description was worth the detailed work assembled in this unique necklace.  It’s easy to make a glamorous statement with this 6 strand unique beauty !

length: 15.0 Inches (not including clasp)
Clasp: Hook & Eye
Material: Faceted Crystals
Item #: 5562
Price : $ 95.00

•  As usual shipping & insurance are free.

•  For a closer look please click on photos below.

Unique Abalone Shell & Freshwater Pearl Floral Necklace Set

Especially designed for Clive’s Unique Jewelry is this cluster of 3 flowers of dyed Abalone Shells accented with multi colored Freshwater pearls and black Onyx Crystals.  The three flowers  are supported by a column of Black Onyx faceted crystals.  The necklace is accompanied by matching pierced earrings.  Clive himself helped in the design of this necklace. 

Necklace Width: (9.0 Inches Approximate
Necklace Length: 9.0 Inches Approximate
Flower Size: 3.0 X 3.0 Inches Approximate
Earring Length: 2.0 Inches-Approximate- Pierced
Material: Abalone, Freswater Pearls, Onyx Crystals
Item:# 5543
Price: $195.00

•  As usual shipping & insurance are free.

•  For a closer look please click on photos below.



Unique Italian Art Glass & Turquoise Crystal Bead Necklace

Under the sea is the best way to describe this Italian art glass beauty.  A  V shaped cluster of blue/ green, aqua and silver Abalone shades of  Dichroic black striped glass are supported by 5 rows of Turquoise crystal faceted beads.  It’s the next best thing to being near the ocean…….sort of !!


Length: 7.0 Inches
Width: Cluster 4.0 Inches
Height: Cluster 3.50 Inches
Material :  Dichroic Glass & Crystal beads
Clasp: Lobster Claw w/ 5.0″ Extension Chain
Item #: 5541
Price : $150.00

•  As usual shipping & insurance are free.

•  For a closer look, please click on photos below.


Unique Bridal Mother Of Pearl & Freshwater Pearl Necklace w/Earrings

He said……”Will You”…..She Said….”Yes”……now as you walk down the aisle dazzle him with this very unique necklace/choker consisting of 1/2 Freshwater Pearls and 1/2 Mother Of Pearl mini flowers with accompanying matching Mother Of Pearl & Crystal earrings. The reverse side of this necklace consists of multi columns of clear glass beads to support this magnificent necklace (we have included a photo of the reverse side as well).  Pearls & Brides…..a match made in heaven.

Necklace Width: 8.0 Inches
Earring Length: 1.0 Inch- Pierced
Shape: Collar/Choker w/2.5″ Extension Chain
Material: Freshwater Pearls & Mother Of Pearl
Clasp: Lobster Claw
Item #: 5544
Price: $300.00

•  As usual shipping & insurance are free.

•  For a closer look, please click oh photos below.





Unique Mother Of Pearl Floral & Multi Color Necklace Set

Especially created for Clive’s Unique Jewelry is this necklace & earring set consisting of a Mother Of Pearl Large  Flower with multi color polished stone flowers on either side accented with aqua crystals.  This off set “corsage” of flowers is supported by a column of black Onyx crystals.  The necklace is accompanied by a matching pair of pierced Mother Of Pearl & Crystal earrings. P.S. Clive himself helped design this very unique necklace !

Length: 10.5 Inches
Width: 6.0 Inches (approximate)
Shape: Off Set Floral
Color: Multi Color
Material: Mother Of Pearl, Stone, & Crystals
Clasp: Lobster Claw w/ 2.0 Inches Extension Chain
Item #: 5542
Price: $ 200.00

•  As usual shipping and insurance are at no charge.

•  For a closer look, please click on photos below.


Special Sale: Black, Clear & Red Resin Double Strand Necklace Set.

Want to glam up a plain white or black dress?….Here’s how to do it……with this double strand of black, clear and red resin beads accented with rhinestone rondelle beads and red matching earrings.  Now instead of ho hum (yawn) you have changed your outfit into something stunning.

Necklace Material: Resin
Style: Double Strand Graduated Beads
Length: 12.0 Inches
Clasp: Lobster Claw W/ Generous 3.0 Inch Extension Chain
Earring: Pierced W Matching Red Bead
Condition: New
Item #: 5536
Price: $95.00 $60.00 Net Price No Further Discounts

•  As usual shipping & insurance are Free.

•  For a closer look, please click on photos below.



Unique Resin Mottled Floral Patterned Necklace

There are two “VERY’s” here……..Very difficult to describe and Very unique in design.  That’s what this necklace is.  It is made of a Resin and the pattern resembles a brown Marble kitchen counter top AND this Resin has been formed into 5 flowers with dangling petals And as if that’s not enough, each flower is accented with a white pavé Rhinestone button. Clive’s Unique Jewelry thinks they are Daisies  on Steroids ! Be the first in your neighborhood to purchase this VERY ultra cool, unusual necklace.

Material: Mottled Patterned Resin & Rhinestone
Length: 12.0 Inches Including 2- 6.0 Inch
supporting chains
Clasp: Lobster Claw W/ 3.0 Inch Extension Chain
Age: New
Condition: Excellent
Item #: 5535
Price:$ 65.00

•  As usual shipping & insurance are Free.

•  For a closer look please click on photos below.


Serpentine Nouee Sautoir Necklace

Sometimes a piece of jewelry has a comfortable, tactile feel to it that just hangs beautifully.  This double strand serpentine gold tone Nouée Sautoir necklace does just that.  This necklace compliments any outfit with a tailored  finished look.  Easy way to make a great statement !

Length: 17.50 Inches
Style: Double Strand Serpentine Chain
Age: Contemporary
Condition: Like New
Clasp: Lobster Claw w/ 3.0 Inch Extension Chain
Item #: 5534
Price: $ 95.00

•  As usual, shipping & insurance are Free.

•  For a closer look please click on photos below.



Special Sale:Vintage Gold Filled Graduated Ball Choker

There are cotton balls. foul balls, beach balls, golf balls AND then we have 41 beautiful graduated Gold Filled balls ranging in size from 4.5  to 16 Millimeters .  This vintage 15.5 inch choker is a delight to the eye with a spring ring clasp. You can have a ball being the Belle of the Ball with this beautiful necklace.

Style: 41 G F Graduated Balls On Fine Mesh Chain
Length: 15.0 Inches
Weight: 1/20 12k GF DWT= 36.8 Pennyweight
Age: Vintage
Condition: Previously Worn W/Wear Marks Visible
           To The Eye.
Item #: 5527
Price: $225.00...Sale Price $95.00 Net Price
No Additional Discounts.

•  As usual insurance & shipping are Free.

•  For a closer look, please click on photos below.


Multi Gem Cluster Earrings

  In the 1930’s , 1940’s and into the 1950’s, screw back earrings were the style.  Then came clip ons which exists even today and now for many years  pierced earrings became  the most popular style.  We think earrings play a very important part in an individual’s defining life style.  Earrings can say a great deal about the personality of the individual wearing them.  Here is an example of clip on earrings probably made in the late 20th century.  The black Onyx resin ovals support a wonderful cluster of semi precious gems including Turquoise, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, Blood Stone and Quartz to name a few.  We guarantee, they will look great on any ear!

Material: Resin & Mixed Semi Precious Stones
Length: 2.75 Inches
Width: 1.00 Inch At Widest Point
Style: Clip On W/Random Clusters
Age: Late 20th Century
Condition: Previously Worn & Gently Cared For
Item #: 5525
Price : $75.00

•  As usual shipping & insurance are Free.

•  For a closer look, please click on photos below.

Natural Untreated Coral Torsade Necklace

From underneath the sea comes this delicate varied shades of pink Coral torsade necklace.  Coral spiritually represents diplomacy and tends to quiet the emotions and bring peace of mind.   The attention to detail is striking represented by a “rising Sun” Coral slide clasp.  We think exactly the opposite…..this statement necklace excites the emotions !

Material: Untreated Natural Hand Polished Coral
Style: Torsade (twisted strands)
length: 20.50 Inches
Width: .75 Inches
Age: 1990’s
Condition: Excellent
Item #: 5524
Price : $ 95.00

•  As usual shipping & insurance are Free.

•  For a closer look, please click on photos below.

Costume Jewelry Trilogy By Eleanore Sue McMillan

The art of reference books and costume jewelry collecting has just been raised to an even higher level than ever before.  Eleanore Sue McMillan has published three huge definitive books on costume jewelry.   Volume I : Icons Of Costume Jewelry, Volume II: Costume & Fashion Vintage Jewelry and Volume III: Costume Fashion Jewelry Unsigned-Orphans Of Beauty. 

Clive’s Unique Jewelry has obtained all three volumes and believe us when we say that Eleanore’s collective is absolutely dazzling.  Each photo is a delight to the eye.   Each piece takes your breath away and all of this collection whether signed or unsigned has been elevated to a higher art form.  These are not coffee table books, but vast informational guides to collecting costume jewelry.

You can read all about Eleanore’s accomplishments…….serious collector, home sales, consulting, fine art appraiser, auctioneer….the list is  as long as two arm lengths.  What she has achieved in these three volumes will be very hard to duplicate.  As Eleanore says….It’s Jewelry To Live For” !

 You May Order The Books Directly From Eleanore Sue McMillan. She May Be Reached At :


Volume I: Icons Of Costume Jewelry 

Volume II: Costume & Fashion Vintage Jewelry

Volume III: Costume Fashion Jewelry-Orphans Of Beauty

For a closer look, please click on photos below.