19 Strand Ball & Chain Necklace

Well just look here….The old ball and chain necklace has a brand new look.  19 Strands of find golden serpent chain support a   golden metal magisterial orb which measures about 1″ in diameter. The necklace itself measures about 9″ in length and anchors with a lobster claw clasp and a generous 3″ extension chain.  This is one of those pieces of jewelry that pretty much goes with anything….dress it up or down…it’s you choice.  Nothing difficult here….easy choice,  right price AND makes a great unique statement !

Item # : 5873      Price $ : 85.00

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Larry Vrba Vintage Classic Triple Station Rope Chain Necklace.

Clive’s Unique Jewelry is proud to present its second acquisition of a classic Lawrence VRBA “rope” chain necklace.  Many of his “ropes” contain only two ” stations ” of  embellishments.  This necklace contain three “stations” consisting of honey color Amber glass “puffs” accented with darker color faceted glass rings and even darker round glass beads all connected by a 20″ Rope Chain design.  The necklace contains a metal tag signed Lawrence VRBA.    We would venture to say that VRBA’s chains are equal to or even surpass beauty and demand of Chanel’s ropes.  VRBA’s 3 “station” chains are rare to find.    These vintage chain necklaces are extremely collectible.   Make sure your jewelry train stops at these stations!

Item #: 5881      Price : $ 375.00




Eisenburg Original White Crystal 1940’s Fur Clip

Any individual who loves, wears or collects costume jewelry must have absolutely, positively without question an Eisenberg pin/brooch/ fur clip in their collection.  Eisenberg Mfg. Co. originally produced clothing and soon embellished  their clothing with dazzling jewelry primarily using Austrian crystals.  The early pieces were signed “Eisenberg Original” and referred to the clothing not the jewelry. After a while, the jewelry became the trademark not the clothing and has been told.  The item presented here is a beautiful example of a 1940’s signed Eisenberg Original Hallmark stamped brooch.   The Austrian clear white crystals are all original and nothing has been replaced and it has been beautifully preserved.  This brooch measures about 3″ in height X 2″ at its widest point.  If you are an absolute, positive individual, then this Eisenberg Original is for you.  Remember,  Clive says jewelry should be as unique as you are !

Item #: 5880      Price:  $450.00

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Golden Color Clamper Snake Choker

“The Only Way To Get Rid Of Temptation Is To Yield To It”    (Oscar Wilde)

Best advice we have heard in a long time.  Temptation is calling  in the way of this clamper (spring loaded) golden choker.  Length about 8″ and 6″ in its closed widest position. The choker opens up to about 7″ wide to fit around your neck. ( The apple is for display only and not included in the price. !)  C’mon….you know you love it, so slither over to Clive’s Unique Jewelry and purchase this statement making beauty !

Item # 5871      Price: $95.00

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Unusual Miriam Haskell Blue Ball Necklace (GN)

 Miriam Haskell is famous for utilizing  faux pearls, crystals, and white Rhinestones in many of her jewelry designs and that style is instantly recognizable, however she also created other simpler lines of jewelry and this 1940’s + blue glass ball necklace is a prime example.  This necklace consists of a glass SKY BLUE  sphere accented with white glass discs and supported by black glass spacers.  The necklace is signed with an oval metal signature tag and on the small rectangular metal shank clasp as well.  “Blue Skies  Smiling At Me, Nothing But Blue Skies Do I See.”

Item # : 5867      Price: $ 115.00

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Joseff Of Hollywood 1940’s Scroll Brooch W/ Topaz Crystal (GN)

We can definitely say “Hooray For Hollywood” with this lovely 1940’s Eugene Joseff Of Hollywood scroll design brooch with oval Topaz crystal center stone. Eugene Joseff was jeweler to the stars during the 1920’s to 1940’s.  This is a typical example of his superb quality and design.  The brooch measures about 3″ tall x 2 1/8″ at its widest point. The front is a gold color matte finish and polished gold color and also stamped Joseff Hollywood  to the verso.  The brooch is in remarkable condition  but shows some slight wear consistent with its age as  but almost negligible to the eye.  Make a star studded statement to your jewelry collection.

Item #: 5798      Price: $ 425.00

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Joseff Of Hollywood

Larry Vrba Christmas Tree Combo Brooch/ Pendant. (GN)

Once in a while something rare comes along and whether you are a holiday brooch wearer or a serious all year around collector,  please don’t miss this purchasing opportunity.  You are looking at a Lawrence Vrba signed o. o. a .k.  (one of a kind) Christmas Tree combo  brooch/ pendant which is part of a series.  Clive’s Unique Jewelry is proud to present this brooch from his private collection.   Vrba’s talents and history are too numerous to mention here and I suggest you research his name on your computer.

  The brooch measures about 5 ” Tall and about 3″ at its widest point.  The brooch exhibits two dimensional  3 glowing candles of teardrop crystals to represent flames with white  Rhinestone Baguettes for the candle base.  The tree is adorned with aqua crystals all accented with grey Rhinestones and a pavé white Rhinestone star atop the tree.  The base includes clear Rhinestone crystals and  small white Rhinestones as well.  It is signed Lawrence VRBA to the verso.  The majority of the stones are prong set or bezel set as is the case of the aqua stones.   Please check out the other VRBA  jewelry on my website as well.  They truly make a spectacular statement and a collectors dream.

Item #: 5808     Price: $ 700.00

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BOHO Style Large Rubber Rings & Braided Necklace (GN)

More bounce to the ounce !   This BOHO styled rubber  necklace consists of large brown  graduated rings  interspersed with smaller rings  all graduated in size and supported by a matching braided rubber collar of the same color and material.  There is no clasp and this very lightweight necklace stretches easily over your head.  The necklace measures about 10 ” in length but stretches out much larger when slipping over your head.  Clive’s  UNIQUE  Jewelry qualifies here !

Item # : 5800      Price: $ 195.00

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Large Dove Of Peace Brooch (GN)

If ever there was a perfect time and place to present this brooch it is now.  Take a look at this Heidi Daus  signed brooch  with a Dove clutching an olive branch with wings and Olive branch accented with faceted Rhinestones. The Dove measures 4 1/2 ” wide and total height about 3 1/2″.  What a great way to express your desire for peace in this turbulent world.

Item # : 5824

Price: $ 150.00

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25 Strand Seed Pearls & Red Spinels In A Lariat Style Necklace (GN)

Presented here is a magnificent example of a lariat style necklace consisting of 2 bands of Red Spinels in their natural state with a circular solid column of seed Pearls which support 25 strands of seed pearls tipped with Red Spinels at the bottom. The red color is the rarest and most desirable of the group of Spinel stones followed by blue and pink  in rarity.  The strands are 19″ in length and the solid collar with the 2 banded Spinels measures about 9″.  This is how you go about making a magnificent statement.

Item #: 5809

Price: $1200.00

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Heidi Dause is one of my favorite vendors   (and also a friend) . From time to time I present her imaginative jewels for purchase…..some vintage, some contemporary and others brand new. Her designs NEVER go out of style. This Lariat style signed necklace consists of 35 double segmented rows of 12 Rhinestones each  which by my count is 420 Rhinestones not counting the loop.  The other side consists of 7 strands of Blue’Black Hematite faceted beads which all end in an uneven length of teardrop faceted Hematite beads with tine gold stops.  Stretched out the necklace measures 30″ and can be worn close to your necklace or easily adjustable to any other length thru the loop which by the way opens up for easier access. So a dress up Lariat necklace to go with any style cowgirl outfit  or otherwise.

Item: 5797      Price: $225.00

As usual shipping & insurance are at no charge.

Please note this item is sold in the United States Only.





Heidi Daus Black Rhinestone & Pearl Choker (GN)

Clive’s Unique Jewelry loves Heidi Daus jewelry………why?……because she creates statement pieces using excellent quality materials and stones.  This black simulated Pearl choker is a prime example.  Three rows of black simulated pearls support a barrel center cluster of black, white and grey crystals of varied sizes and shapes.  The choker measures 15 Inches in length and there is a very generous 4 1/2″ extension chain with a “J” hook clasp.  The barrel measures about 2 Inches in length and about 1 1/4″ wide.  Easy to accessorize, great quality and at a great price as well.

Item #: 5786

Price: $ 165.00

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Very Unique Artisan Crafted Necklace by C. & D. Cothard (GN)

Are you looking for something  very unique and one of a kind ?  let us repeat that question….are you REALLY looking for something very very unique and unusual ……well you have come to the right place.  Clive’s Unique Jewelry has recently acquired a beautiful necklace created by the artists Candace & Don Cothard of Camp Hill, Pa. They describe their jewelry as “highly imaginative, one of a kind and sculptural”. Their company, Imagination in Glass  creates most unusual and unique jewelry.  The necklace presented here is made of mixed metals and semi precious stones, the primary center stone in natural Turquoise and accented beautifully with a simulated, faceted, Topaz, Marquis  large crystal.  A brass free form wire supports this necklace. The pendant measures 5 1/2 Inches tall X about 2 3/4″ at its widest point. The pendant is signed i/g on a metal tag. Unique, unusual, beautiful…..yup, that about describes it !

Item #: 5789

Price: $  250.00

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“SPLOOTING” Rhinestone Frog Brooch (GN)

Yes, you read that right…..splooting refers to the position that Frogs commonly exhibit and is a common position for dogs as well.  This charming Frog is adorned with blue, green and white Rhinestones and measures about 3 inches x 3 inches .  Who knows, anything can happen and this sparkling beauty may turn into a handsome Prince one day……!

Item #: 5766

Price: $ 75.00

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Large Vintage Amber & Citrine S. Silver Pendant (GN)

Clive’s Unique Jewelry recently re acquired this magnificent pendant from a very loyal and devoted client.  The pendant consists of a very large oval cabochon Amber oval 2 inches X 1.25 inches replete with fossilized  items buried within. The color changes with the light from Cognac to Red. The Amber is surrounded by 11 gem stones…..3 Amber, 4 Garnets and 4 Citrines everything all bezel set in Sterling Silver.  This cabochon Amber stone supports a hinged  arrowhead of natural Citrine approx 3 inches long x 1 1/2 inches wide.   It also has 2 oval amber stones and 2 Citrine stones  as accents.  All of this pendant is bezel set into 11.28 oz or 320.9 g of Sterling Silver.  The back of the pendant is stamped 925 and the initials AF. This is a one owner piece and was very well cared for.  There are wear marks on the silver, consistent with age but can be polished out if so desired. The front of the pendant is in excellent condition with no chips or scratches etc.  Unique, and One Of A Kind only begins to describe this pendant.

Material: Sterling Silver & Gem Stones
Total Size: 2 5/8 Inches X 5 1/8 Inches
Total Weight: 11.28 oz or 320.9 g
Age: Latter part of 20th Century
Condition: Front Excellent, Verso-Wear Scratches On
Silver(can be polished out) Overall, well
Cared for.

Item #: 5779

Price: $1250.00

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have prior to purchase.

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Vintage Silver Caviar Bead & Rhinestone Bracelet (GN)

A belt buckle design bracelet consisting of silver “Caviar” style beads accented with white Rhinestone crystals in a V Shaped pattern. The bracelet measures 8 3/4 inches long and 1 inch wide.  There are two adjustment snaps.  This bracelet probably from the 1980’s was previously worn and has some slight wear marks on the cap snaps but nothing to really worry about.  This a fun bracelet to wear dresses up or with anything casual.  We guarantee  lots of compliments of this one.

Item #: 5747

Price: $ 65.00

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Glen Miller For Anne Turk Vintage Alligator Leather Very Unique Tote (GN)

Clive’s Unique Jewelry is very proud to present this one of a kind unique Alligator skin leather tote by Glenn Miller For Ann Turk.  Anne Turk’s handbags, purses and totes are usually one of a kind and very unique.  Unfortunately she passed away in 1996 and during the 1980’s she and her son Glen Miller produced very high end purses etc to exclusive clients.  Her handbags sold for $500.00 and up. Many of her handbags were were accented with gold and silver embellishments.  Anne Turks handbags were sold at Bloomingdale’s Saks Fifth Avenue and other selected stores.  Elizabeth Taylor Ivana Trump and Naomi Campbell were among her regular clients.  This vintage leather tote is in remarkable condition and shows very little wear as it was carefully cared for. Underneath the closing flap there is a piece if leather missing which I have shown in the photos below however it does not show for it is underneath the flap belt.  The silver embellishment is of a Labrador  Retriever against a genuine Alligator patterned background. There is an inside zippered compartment as well.  The leather is very soft and supple and there are some minor wear marks along the bottom stitching.  We have done nothing to the bag. You see it in the condition we purchased it. It needs a slight restoration/cleaning by a good shoe and leather repair place. This tote would be perfect for a  travel bag or a carry on by men or women.

Please Note: This bag is not returnable and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have prior to purchase.  Also if you wish us to clean/restore the bag after you purchase it, there will be an added charge for that service.

Material: Alligator, leather, Silver
Size: 13 Inches X 12 Inches
Silver Dog: 2 1/2 Inches X 3 Inches Weighs A
Little Over Four Ounces Of Silver
Shoulder Straps: Two Each about 15 Inches
Age: 1980’s
Condition: Previously Used & Very Well Cared
For But There Are a Few Minor
Scratches that are barely noticeable
But Can Be Buffed Out.
Clasps: Magnetic Button Hole Clasps
Item Number: 5760
Price: 350.00

As usual Shipping & Insurance Charges Are FREE

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Moonstone Pendant-Sterling Silver (GN)

Moonstones, as mysterious as they are beautiful and one of Clive’s Unique Jewelry favorites.  It is the illusive bluish tint that makes them so attractive.  Each of the 5 graduated stones are all bezel set into Sterling Silver and accented with Sterling Silver loops. In some cultures, Moonstones symbolize good luck.

Please Note: The Sterling Collar In Photos For Display Only NFS.

Material: Sterling Silver & Moonstones
Style: Pendant
Size: 1 3/4″ X 1″
Age: Undetermined
Condition: Previously Owned-Excellent Condition
Item:# 5739
Price: $ 145.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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Philippe Fernandis Vintage Retro Deco Bar Brooch (GN)

Philippe Fernandis a French jewelry designer since 1986 creates luxury jewelry from Baroque to modern style combining semi precious and simulated stones accented with Swarovski crystals.  The signed brooch presented here consists of simulated caboshon  stones in pink and coral colors with an acrylic black faceted centerpiece and accented with two Swarovski crystals at either end.  Fernandis has created jewelry for the fashion houses of Balmain, Givenchy,  and Oscar de la Renta to name a few.  His jewelry is much sought after and is timeless in design.  This is what Clive’s Unique Jewelry is all about !

Material: Silver Tone Matte Finish Metal W/
Simulated Stones & Swarovski Crystals
Size: 3 1/2″ Length X 1 1/2 Wide
Age: Vintage
Condition: Very Good W/One Small Black Spot In
The Verso
Item #: 5734
Price: $225.00

As usual shipping and insurance charges are free.

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Deco Style Retro Geometric Patterned Brooch (GN)

Cannot afford the real brooch? We have the next best thing.  A quality replica of an Art Deco Design Brooch  with enamel work, green acrylic accents and marcasites all mounted on a silver tone scroll etched backing.  Looks like the real thing.

Material: Acrylic, Enamel, Marcasites On Silver
Tone Metal
Dimensions: 2″ x 1 1/4″
Age: New
Condition: Excellent
Item #: 5721
Price: $ 50.00

As Usual Shipping & Insurance Charges Are Free.

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Moulin Rouge Oriental Charms Brooch (GN)

Do you remember the vintage TWA or Pan Am travel posters?  As soon as we saw this brooch, it immediately brought up those visions.  This Moulin Rouge signed brooch  contains a  round ,orange/red, enameled center disc with a silver tone Chinese Junk superimposed with a vintage passenger plane flying overhead.  Six oriental charms dangle beneath supported by red and black crystals on miniature springs.  Ok purchase this wonderful brooch and then pack your bags !

Material: Metal, Enamel, Crystal Stones
Dimensions: Disc-1.75″ wide X 5″ Tall
Age:  Vintage
Condition: Very good with some minor wear marks
Item #: 5709
Price: $ 95.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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Cat’s Paw In Fish Bowl Pin (GN)

Oh no, there’s big trouble brewing here.  No dog and the family is out running errands and poor little Cleo is left to her own devices.  One way to stop this trouble is to purchase this whimsical signed pin and make sure Tabby never catches little Cleo.  It’s a cat and mouse ( I mean fish) game going on here!!

Material: Gold Wash Over Metal
Size: 2″ X 1.5″
Signed: J J (Jonette Jewelry Co.)
Style: Whimsical Motifs
Age: Vintage
Condition: Excellent
Item #: 5702
Price: $ 45.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

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Unique Tribal Statement Necklace W/Semi Precious Stones (GN)

Clive’s Unique Jewelry is proud to present what we think is a very unique  tribal necklace consisting of semi precious stones of Jade, Turquoise, carved Carnelian and carved Sodalite with Silver and Coral embellishments.  The colors are magnificent from deep Sodalite  blues to pale pastel green Jade and honey colored Carnelian both carved , beaded and in disc form as well.  Statements don’t get any better than this.

Material: Assortment Of Semi Precious Stones
Metal: Silver (No Markings or Hallmarks
Length: 32″
Clasp: J Hook (Silver No Markings or Hallmarks
Age: Vintage-25+ Years
Condition: Excellent-No Signs Of Wear, But Silver
Is Tarnished
Item #: 5694
Price: $450.00

As usual shipping & Insurance are free.

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Larry Vrba Vintage “Station” Rope Chain Necklace (GN)

Question…….What Is A Station Necklace?……Answer…….A Station Style necklace is basically a chain that is complimented with various adornments that are “stationed” at different points. In this case we have a beautiful Larry Vrba signed rope chain necklace that includes gold tone, clear acrylic,  ornaments all connected with a matted gilt chain.   A necklace for all seasons and easy to wear to matter what “station” in life you are at!!

Material: Gold Tone & Acrylic Ornaments With A
Matted Gilded Chain
Length: Single strand 20″ Rope Chain
Clasp: Lobster Claw
Signature: Metal Stamped Tag-Lawrence Vrba
Age: 1970’s-1980’s +
Condition: Pristine-Never Worn
Item #: 5676
Price: $ 375.00

As usual Shipping & Insurance charges are Free

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Renoir Copper Mid Century Modern Bracelet/Cuff (GN)

COPPER-“An amazing amplifier and conductor of energy , this mineral is ripe for helping you release excess charge and conduct positive vibrations”….wow…..all that and a stunning bracelet too.  This solid Copper Renoir signed bracelet features a double band raised bridge motif.  This Mid Century Modern design bracelet has arrived in beautiful never worn condition.  There is a teasing touch of Art Deco design as well.  “I’m Pickin’ Up Good Vibrations” !!

Metal: Copper
Design: Bracelet/ Open Cuff
Dimensions: Width-1″ Top. 2 1/2″ ID
Age: Mid Century Modern
Condition: Pristine
Item #: 5670
Price: $ 95.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are Free.

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Iridescent Mother Of Pearl Spiral Shell Necklace. (GN)

Oh look, another piece of shell jewelry !……..Not in this case.  What we have here is a very unusual iridescent Mother of Pearl embedded  with the orange and brown colors of the spiral shell itself.  The shell is supported by a double strand of Freshwater distressed pearls and accented with 4 brown Jasper stones.  This necklace was craft made and it is important to note that the findings were made to hold three strands but intentionally only hold two strands.  The sea, creating a statement without any help from us.

Material: Pearls, Shell, Jasper
length: 16″ w/2″ Extension Chain
Spiral Shell: 2″ In Diamater
Age: New
Item #: 5663
Price: $ 125.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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Duet Of Bold Gold Tone & Rhinestone Bangles (GN)

TWO for the price of ONE……Yup…..this is a”twofer” ! Two identical bangles that can be worn separately or just one.  These closed tubular gold tone polished bangles each have 4 bezel set Rhinestone studs placed at East, West North & South raised pinwheel positions.  Wear “One if by land, and two if by sea” (cruising that is) !

Material: Polished Gold Tone Metal
Closure: Closed….No Clasp
ID: 2.50″
OD: 3.0″ (not including Rhinestone studs)
Condition: Preowned-excellent
Age: Contemporary- (whatever that means!!)
Item #: 5653
Price:$ 125.00

Note: If sold separately, Item # 5651, Price $ 75.00 ea.

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

For a closer look, please click on photos below.

Duet #5653-$125.00

Single # 5651-$75.00