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Sobral Chunky Multi Color Resin Closed Cuff

 Clive’s Unique Jewelry is pleased to present this unique multi color resin closed cuff by world famous designer Carlos Sobral.  (To learn more about Carlos Sobral, please click on our ( BOOKS & REFERENCE category) Mr. Sobral’s use of color in his designs are unique and one of a kind.  Creative, Unique etc.

Material: Resin
Designer: Carlos Sobral-Signed
Dimensions: 1.25″ Width, ID 2 5/8ths ”
Style: Closed Cuff
Condition: Previously Worn-Excellent
Item #: 5634
Price: $ 75.00

As usual shipping and insurance charges are free.

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Clive’s Unique Jewelry has just added a new category of jewelry to choose from …..Cruise Wear Jewelry…….at Port or Starboard you  will want to look your best at the Captain’s table, or on the dance floor, or the Promenade Deck ! Take the worry and guesswork out of deciding what jewelry to wear with what….this Cruise Wear Jewelry is universal and will go with any outfit you choose. (Not only that….it’s absolutely required that you make a grand entrance boarding and may also assure you a seat at the Captain’s table ) !!

Charles Albert Mystic Quartz S. Silver Ring

As illusive as a Rainbow this Mystic Quartz Sterling Silver ring is just as fleeting.  The sparkle is intense, but one quick movement and an altogether different Rainbow of colors appears.  Photographs do not do it justice.  Blues, pinks, among many of the Aurora Borealis mix of colors and sparkle.  Mystical…..yes, Statement…..YESSSSSS!

Metal: Sterling Silver
Stone: Mystic Quartz Approx: 18mm X13mm
Size: Adjustable 5mm + ring shank
Age: About 5 years and previously worn
Condition: Well cared for
Item #: 5463
Price: Please Note: Item Not Available …..pending sale !

Please Note: Color consistency may vary other than shown below in photograph.

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

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Italian Hand Blown Vintage Glass Necklace

Artisan crafted, this necklace consists of graduated shapes and sizes of hand blown Italian green & black glass shapes accented with black Onyx beads and black Onyx Sterling Silver Clasp. The stones are old but the necklace has been newly strung.  Bellissima that’s all we have to say !!

Length: About 19″
Shapes: Round & Rectangular Glass
Metal: Sterling Silver clasp-Stamped
Age: Glass Vintage But Newly Strung
Item #: 5624
Price: $ 95.00

As usual insurance & shipping are free.

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Unique Emerald, Ruby, White Sapphire & CZ Stone Earrings

Emeralds …….A symbol of truth and love.  Presented here is a satoir drop style pierced earrings consisting of rough cut Emeralds, Rubies (5 in each earring) White Sapphires, and CZ’s set in Silver.  Clive’s Unique Jewelry purchased these earrings in an Estate Sale recently and these earrings have some age to them although no more than 5-7 years of age. The stones are one step above their natural state and are faceted and except for the Emerald satoir they are all bezel set.  The Emeralds are opaque and vary in color.  What a way to express your love truthfully !

Material: Emeralds, Rubies, White Sapphires, CZ’s
Metal: Sterling Silver (not stamped)
Length: 4 Inches
Condition: Previously Worn, Good Condition
Item #: 5625
Price : $ 275.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free

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Unique Pink Tulip Spray Bracelet

TULIPS ……They represent rebirth and are always a premier bloomer in the Spring.  We at Clive’s Unique Jewelry think re birthing is good no matter what time of year and this  adorable spray of  cascading Pink Tulips  in a bracelet is just the ticket.  It makes tiptoeing thru the Tulips an altogether different experience !!

length: 4.5 Inches (length of Tulips only)
Width: 3.25 Inches (at widest point)
Total Length: 11 Inches (Including chain)
Clasp: Lobster Claw
Condition: Recent mfg. but previously worn and in
excellent condition.
Material: Composition
Item #: 5604
Price:$ 45.00

As usual shipping & Insurance are free.

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RLM SOHO Abalone Clamper Bracelet

Robert Lee Morris is one of Clive’s Unique Jewelry’s favorite contemporary jewelry designers.  The jewelry is well made and very easy to accessorize.  No agonizing thoughts of what to wear here.  Choosing the right piece to wear has never been easier.

Metal: Silver Tone Spring Loaded Clamper Cuff
Stone: Abalone Shell
Inside Diameter: 2.25″
Top Width: 1.5″
Bottom Width: 1.75″
Condition: New
Item #: 5616
Price:$ 65.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

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Glamorous Vintage White Rhinestone Waterfall Choker/Necklace

Are you looking for something Glamorous ? Sparkling ?  Statement Making ? Great Quality ? And Just Drop Dead Gorgeous ? Well here it is right before your eyes…….a vintage 80’s something Rhinestone waterfall choker/necklace.  These are not just any Rhinestones….they are white Austrian Crystals all individually prong set.  A 5 row crystal collar supports 29 graduated sparkling waterfall  columns.  Making a statement doesn’t get any better than this !

Metal: Rhodium
Stones: Imported Austrian Crystals-All Prong Set
Length: Choker Itself 11″ W 4.5 Extension Chain
Height: 5.5″ At Tallest Point
Age: 1980’s
Condition: Excellent Probably Never Worn
Item #: 5613
Price: $ 225.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

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Unique Enamel & Rhinestone Large Frog Pin

This delightful froggy  pin is the direct result of Clive being left on his own to purchase jewelry.  You never what he will bring back to the shop.  What we have here is a beautifully coated  enameled green pin with bulging Rhinestone Crystal eyes and a Pavé Rhinestone Crystal Chest.  This little Frog is anxious to jump into your heart.

Metal: Silver Tone Backing w/Green Enamel
Decoration: White Rhinestone Crystals
Age: 1970’s-1980’s
Condition-EXcellent- no chips etc.
Height:3″ Tall
Width: 2.50″ At Widest Point.
Item #: 5608
Price:$ 65.00

As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free

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Unique S. Silver & Gold Wash David Varsano Signed Earrings

David Varsano a modernist designer of jewelry specializing in Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil  has created magnificent jewelry timeless in their beauty and style.  The Sterling Silver & Gold Vermeil  vintage clip on earrings presented here are a prime example of his uniqueness of style.  Each piece is individually handcrafted and no two pieces are alike.  They are lightweight and create a glamorous statement.

Primary Metal: Sterling Silver w/Gold Wash Vermeil
Weight: 1.36 oz
Size: 2.0″ H X 1.50″ W
Condition: Previously Worn-Excellent Condition
Age: Vintage (25 +)
Item #: 5557
Price: $95.00

As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free.

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Unique Aurora Borealis Large Stone Open Cuff Bracelet

Not only are we now in the beginning of the Fall Season,  all of us at Clive’s Unique Jewelry refer to this as the start of the “Blingy” season…..October thru March.  Why you ask?? Well it’s a second wedding season, engagement season, holiday seasons, and cruising seasons where wearing something sparkly or blingy is called for and appropriate.  So, let’s bling it up !

Metal: Silver Tone
Style: Open Cuff-Adjustable
Stones: Varied Sizes & Shapes Aurora Borealis Colors
Condition: Perfect
Age: Not Old & Not New-Somewhere In Between
Item: # 5619
Price: $ 95.00

As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free

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Unique Python Pave Bracelet


What we have here is a magnificent bracelet in the style of a Python gently guarding a stone.  This  bracelet consists of about 4 carat weight of round and baguette Diamonds in a pavé setting with a 4.5 carat teardrop Emerald gemstone all set in Platinum. There are also small Emerald stones in the eyes of the serpent.


 Is this magnificent Python bracelet only a wannabe consisting of pavé Cubic Zirconia guarding a teardrop Emerald green color stone possibly set in Sterling Silver?………. Whether costume or real, this bracelet will definitely make a statement and be a real “charmer” ! 

To find out the answer and the price send an e-mail to CHEANTIQUES@YAHOO.COM and we will let you know.

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Unique Torsade Choker Of Faux Seed Pearls W A Floating Slide Crystal Medallion

When Clive’s Unique Jewelry sets out to purchase any items whether it be real gems or costume jewelry we look for 3 points.  1. Is the item unique?  2. What is its condition ?  and 3. It is well made quality wise?

This recently made costume necklace green lights all three categories.  This unsigned beauty consists of a torsade of multi strands of faux  seed pearls supporting a beautiful golden “floating” slide medallion consisting of 2 rows of Rhinestone Crystal baguettes and graduated round Rhinestone crystals all bezel set. We have even included a photo of the reverse side of the slider….very well made.  Where would I wear this you ask? Answer…..Bridal, Cruise Wear, Dress Up, Dress Down, Cocktail, Proms, Holidays.

Note: A Torsade is a fancy way of describing a multi strand necklace that is twisted in shape.  

Material: Faux Seed Pearls-Multi Strand
Length: About 16.0″ W A 3.25″ Extension Chain
Slide Medallion: 1.50″ X 1″ Tapered
Age: New
Condition: Great
Item:# 5612
Price:$ 125.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free of charge.

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Lalique Vintage Nina Ricci Sealed L’Air Du Temps Perfume-Original Silk Box

  A Triple Classic……Lalique,      L’Air Du Temps Scent       &      Perfumer Nina  Ricci      all in one great presentation.  This vintage 1950’s perfume is presented with a Lalique double Dove spiral glass bottle all sealed in gold thread and stabilized in the yellow Silk  presentation case.  It is important to note that the presentation case is slightly soiled on the outside and a little dusty on the inside.  The bottle is sealed and is in pristine condition.  With some careful cleaning, the presentation case can be restored to its original sheen.   L’Air Du Temps ….a classic  scent 70 years ago and remains so today.

Box Dimensions: 3.5″ X 4.0″
Contents: 1oz Original Scent L’Air Du Temps Perfume in
a sealed bottle.
Condition: Lalique Bottle Pristine, Presentation Case
Slightly Soiled.
Age: 70+ years.
Item #: 5610
Price:$ 350.00

As usual shipping & insurance are  free of charge.

Please note, this item will be shipped only to an address in the United States.

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Unique Swarovski Spider Pendant Necklace


Little Miss Muffet Sat On A Tuffet Eating Her Curds & Whey,  When Along Came A Spider And Sat Down Beside Her And Scared Miss Muffet Away”

In case some of you don’t know what a tuffet is. It’s a small clump of grass or a small foot stool.  The Arachnid in Clive’s nursery rhyme however just happens to be a magnificent pavé black, white,and yellow Swarovski crystal pendant suspended on a silver chain. The pendant is of superior quality and there even is a photo of the reverse side to show the quality of workmanship.  We  think Miss Muffet of the famous rhyme would love this pendant !

Material: Black, White & Yellow Swarovski Crystals
Chain: Silver W Bar & Circle Clasp
Spider Size: 2.0″ In. Height 3.0″ In. Width
Chain Length: 8.0″ In.
Condition: Pristine: All Pavé Crystals Invisible Prong Set
Item #: 5609
Price: $ 195.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

For a closer look, please click on photos below.

Vintage Grey Rhinestone Clamper Cuff Bracelet

Clive’s Unique Jewelry has a weakness for bling and this is a prime example. What we have here is a very solid spring loaded clamper cuff with a magnetic clasp as well to hold this chunky belt buckle style bracelet in matted gold tone. The grey Rhinestone crystals are all original to the bracelet. many of the stones are prong set .This bracelet worn alone makes a great statement.

Metal: Brass W Gold Tone Matte Finish
Dimensions: OD-2.50″, ID- 2.25″, Width-1.25″
Condition: Slight Wear Consistent W Use
Age: Vintage
Item #: 5603
Price:$ 95.00

As usual shipping & insurance charge are FREE

For a closer look, please click on photos below.


Scarab Necklace W/Semi Precious Gems.

A carved scarab was revered as a sacred symbol, believed to have powers of rejuvenation. Egyptians saw the scarab as a symbol of renewal and rebirth.

Scarab jewelry was very popular in the 1950’s and were made from a variety of sources from plastic to actual scarabs.  The necklace we present here is reminiscent of that 1950’s era .  This necklace consists of a center Tiger Eye carved oval medallion supported by 14 semi precious stones all hand carved including Amethyst, Carnelian, Malachite and Tiger Eye all bezel set in a golden chain.  If ever there was a time for renewal, this is it.

Material: Semi Precious carved scarab stones.
Size: Center Oval medallion 1 3/8″ Wide, Smaller
Stones 1/2″ wide.
Length: Approx 9″
Condition: Excellent
Age: Undetermined
Item #: 5602
Price:$ 125.00

As usual shipping and insurance charges are free.

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Brutalist Mid Century Modern Sterling Silver Pin

” My Philosophy Is Not Only Should Jewelry Be Well Made, But Be As Exciting As The People Who Wear It ”  Darla Ellickson.

Darla Ellickson a world renowned mid western jewelry artisan has created this magnificent brutalist Sterling Silver creation reminiscent of mid century modern era style. This pin was probably made in the 1970’s or 80’s and is signed to the verso “Darla LXN ) but no date as far as we can see.  The pin does have some slight age  marks  consistent with wear & use  but  nothing to detract from its beauty or value.  Rarely do we find a piece of jewelry that is as exciting to the eye as this creation.

Metal: Sterling Silver
Size: 4.50″ In Length, Approx. 2.0″ At Widest Point
Condition: Wear Marks Consistent W Age & Use
Signature: Darla LXN S.S.
Age: Approx. 1970’s & 80’s
Item #: 5601
Price: $ 495.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

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Unique Vintage S. Silver Duck Brooch

Are all your ducks in a row??…..Well no one’s perfect! Why even in this  brooch, mama duck is battling a “rebel” at the end of the line. This delightful Sterling Silver vintage brooch depicts a family of ducks waddling along side a garden fence.  If ducks are not your thing, then perhaps a gift to someone who loves them. 

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 2 1/8″W X 5/8″H
Age: Vintage
Condition: Excellent With Lots Of Detail
Signed: H & H DeMateo
Item #: 5588
Price: $ 50.00

As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free

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Unique Vintage S. Silver Covered Bridge Brooch

Perhaps this is one of those covered bridges in Madison County, but not THE bridge!  However this delightful Sterling Silver country scene with a covered bridge is just as compelling.  If covered bridges aren’t  your thing, perhaps a gift to one who loves them !

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver
Size: 1 5/8″Length X 1″ High
Age: Vintage
Condition: Excellent With Lots Of Detail
Signed: Beau Sterling
Item #: 5587
Price: $ 50.00

As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free

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Unique Vintage Italian Glass Necklace

A double strand of Italian Cobalt Blue and Milk Glass beads support a Gardenia blue & white glass  floral medallion accented with blue Rhinestone crystals. Each bead is individually knotted.  This signed Made In Italy necklace  dates back to the late 60’s & early 1970’s and Clive’s Unique Jewelry purchased this necklace from a private collection. It’s time to make an international statement.

Material: Italian Glass
Length: 20″
Clasp: Hidden Slide (In Back Of Medallion)
Condition: Excellent-Never Worn
Item #: 5600
Price: Sorry, This Necklace Is No Longer Available

As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free.

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Unique Vintage Chico’s Lemon Yellow Crystal & Chain Mail Necklace

Chico’s retail fashion stores (named after a friend’s Parrot) founded in the early 1980’s by and for women has become an important source for fashion and design.  This vintage necklace consists of silver tone chain mail supporting 5 lemon yellow, bezel & prong set square crystal stones.  Chico’s….a name consistent with quality and uniqueness since its founding.

Material: Silver Tone Metal
Dimensions: Chain Mail- 1″ Wide
Length: 14″ W/ 4″ Extension Chain
Stones: Lemon Yellow Crystals, Approx. 1″ Square Ea.
Condition: Excellent
Item # : 5599
Price: We Are Sorry, This Necklace Is No Longer Available

As Usual, Shipping & Insurance Are Free.

For a closer look, please click on photos below.

Unique Napier Twisted Rope Collar/Choker

Napier- a name that has been on the forefront of fashion and design since it’s beginning in the late 1800’s and grew in the 1920’s to make an important influence in fashion even to the present day.  This twisted, silver tone signed piece is an example of the uniqueness which makes this jewelry timeless in its design. Easy to accessorize for work, play or dress up.

Metal: Chrome
Style: Twisted Rope Collar/Choker
Length: 18″ W/Oversize Spring Ring Clasp
Age: Undetermined
Condition: Excellent
Item #: 5594
Price: $ 150.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

For a closer look, please click on photos below.



Unique Heart Cluster Bracelet

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?   Try wearing it on your wrist instead.  We are referring to this fun silver tone stretch bracelet with clusters and clusters of hearts.  We didn’t count them, but there must be over 100 of these little silver love symbols.  Remember…..”Love is all you need” and this little bracelet as well.

Material: Silver Tone Metal
Width: About 2″ Unstretched & Expands To ABout 3″+
Condition: New
Item #: 5590
Price: $ 45.00

Please Note: Normally there is no charge for shipping & insurance but this item will only be shipped free to an address within the continental United States,

• For a closer look, please click on photos below.


Unique Clear Acrylic “Love” Closed Bangle

”  Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired” Robert Frost
To express your love visually, Clive’s Unique Jewelry offers this clear acrylic  bangle bracelet adorned in printed block lettering with the word “LOVE” and accented with single dot rhinestones.  We know you will not be able to resist this this irresistible way of expressing your love.

Material: Clear Acrylic w/Rhinestones
Width: 1.25 ”
ID: 2.5″
OD: 3.0″
Style: Closed Bangle/Bracelet
Item #: 5589
Price: $ 45.00


Please Note: Normally, shipping & insurance are free but we will only ship this item free to an address within the Continental United States. Thank You.
For a closer look, please click on photos below.


Unique Yellow Jasper & Onyx Double Strand Necklace

Yellow Jasper: It is believed to be a nurturing stone helping to calm the nerves and emotions ! (and boy do we ever need it now more than ever!)  This double strand beauty consists of over 100 opaque Yellow Jasper beads individually knotted and then accented with an off set black Onyx medallion and black faceted Onyx  stones.  Just the feel of the cool stones has a calming effect. Calm your nerves and look beautiful at the same time !

Composition: Yellow Jasper & Onyx Length: 21 Inches (Approximate) Medallion Size: 1-1/2″ Inches in Diameter Carved Clasp: Box Style Item #: 5591 Price:$ 145.00

•  As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free.

•  For a closer look, please click on photos below.

Unique Mid Century Champleve Enameled Copper Necklace Demi-Parure

Champlevé ….a term used to describe a method of enameling poured into metal hollows.  And here is a beautiful example of that process in this exquisite mid century Copper enameled and gilded  necklace with matching clip on earrings.  This set is what my friend Eleanore McMIllan describes as ” Unsigned Jewelry-Orphans Of Beauty”  So let’s find this “Orphan” a great home”.

Metal: Mixed Metals & Enameling
Style: Mid Century Modern Choker
Length: 17 Inches Consisting of 13- 1-1/4 Inch Diameter Discs
Earrings: 1-1/4 Inch Diameter Discs- Clip On
Item #: 5593
Price:$ 295.00

•  As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free

•  For a closer look, please click on photos below.