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Vintage MCM Multi Color Enamel Necklace

Clive’s private collection is pleased to present this extremely unique enameled Mid Century Modern necklace consisting of 5 abstract gray enameled chrome discs adorned with multi color geometric enamel designs. The 5 stations are all connected by a silver metal chain accented with glass beads, faux pearls and bugle beads as well.  Stretched out the necklace measures 24″ with a “J” Clasp and ring. This necklace was worn and owned by one of Clive’s Aunts who was a successful business woman and was known for wearing statement jewelry.  As time goes by you will see more of the jewelry that Clive inherited.  Unique doesn’t even begin to describe this necklace.

Item #: 5887

Price: $ 295.00

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Vintage Sterling Silver & Marcasite Snake Brooch

Clives Unique Jewelry hate snakes except when it comes to jewelry and then it’s a love thing.  From Clive’s private collection slithers in this very old (1940’s) Sterling Silver stamped  snake adorned with European Marcasites (high table) and a European Sterling Silve Box/Barel clasp.  Did you know that snakes symbolize healing, renewal (shedding of skin) and resurrection.

ITEM #: 5886

Price: $ 250.00

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Classic Art Deco Winged Brooch

Many people including Clive have put used or unwanted jewelry in a cigar box and placed them in a bureau drawer or some such and there they lay sometimes for years and years.  Clive recently opened one of his cigar boxes and pulled out this beauty.  It’s a classic Art Deco design brooch replete  with a cornucopia of  pavé   Rhinestones surrounded by red crystal baguettes and a 6 bar square cut rhinestones pointing eastward. This brooch has seen better days but that means it was worn a great deal.  It contains scratches and marks consistent with wear.  The metal is brass and all the stones are original although a few have diminished in shine.   What makes this brooch valuable warts and all is  its design.  It would take minimal restoration to increase its value of this brooch tenfold. Nothing has been done to this brooch, you see it as it came out  of that infamous cigar box.  Lets find a new home for this great classic !

Item #: 5885

Price: $ 85.00

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Unique Octopus Aurora Borealis Brooch

” I’d like to be under the sea, In an Octopuse’s garden in the shade, He’d let us in, knows where we’ve been, In his Octopus’s garden in the sea, I’d ask my friends to come and see an Octopus’s garden with me…………”

Presented here is a wonderful, recently acquired Octopus brooch.  The head consists of a faceted red crystal and pavé multi color Aurora Borealis crystals in Gold color metal.  This small wonder measures about 1 1/2 ” high x 1 3/4″ wide. BEWARE….sometimes something small can make a huge statement!!

Item #:  5884      Price: $ 95.00

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Multi Floral & Rhinestone 3 Drop Golden Necklace.

Just in time for Spring comes this lovely golden  color necklace in a three drop down pattern consisting of the top centerpiece of three clumped wired flowers with center Rhinestone crystals followed by two smaller versions of above centerpiece. The top center piece measures about 3 1/2″  across and the smaller floral clumps measure about 2″ height and width. The flowers are supported by 4 strand  chain links with a 2 1/2″ extension chain and a lobster claw clasp. Total length about 12 1/2″.  Without a doubt this necklace was made for weddings, proms, cruises, dances, dinner parties, cocktail parties, graduation gifts, fashion shows……you name it and you could probably wear this stunning necklace. 

Item # : 5875      Price : $ Sorry It’s SOLD

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19 Strand Ball & Chain Necklace

Well just look here….The old ball and chain necklace has a brand new look.  19 Strands of find golden serpent chain support a   golden metal magisterial orb which measures about 1″ in diameter. The necklace itself measures about 9″ in length and anchors with a lobster claw clasp and a generous 3″ extension chain.  This is one of those pieces of jewelry that pretty much goes with anything….dress it up or down…it’s you choice.  Nothing difficult here….easy choice,  right price AND makes a great unique statement !

Item # : 5873      Price $ : 85.00

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Larry Vrba Vintage Classic Triple Station Rope Chain Necklace.

Clive’s Unique Jewelry is proud to present its second acquisition of a classic Lawrence VRBA “rope” chain necklace.  Many of his “ropes” contain only two ” stations ” of  embellishments.  This necklace contain three “stations” consisting of honey color Amber glass “puffs” accented with darker color faceted glass rings and even darker round glass beads all connected by a 20″ Rope Chain design.  The necklace contains a metal tag signed Lawrence VRBA.    We would venture to say that VRBA’s chains are equal to or even surpass beauty and demand of Chanel’s ropes.  VRBA’s 3 “station” chains are rare to find.    These vintage chain necklaces are extremely collectible.   Make sure your jewelry train stops at these stations!

Item #: 5881      Price : $ 375.00





•••••• COMING SOON ••••••


By: Eleanore McMillan & Ehab Saif

Open up those bureau drawers, you are bound to find one of those unbelievable creations of costume jewelry listed in Eleanore Sue McMillan’s  3 definitive volumes on collecting serious costume jewelry.  You don’t have volumes 1,2,or 3 ?  Pas de Problème !  Soon Eleanore Sue McMillan will be publishing volume # 4 which is a compendium of the “BEST” of costume jewelry in the previous 3 volumes.

“One Should Either Be A Work Of Art, Or Wear A Work Of Art”   Oscar Wilde

In all 4 publications, Eleanore Sue McMillan has elevated collectible costume jewelry to a higher art form.  Eleanore’s publications are not “coffee table” books but vast informational guides to collecting costume jewelry.

You can read all about Eleanore Sue McMillan’s accomplishments as a serious collector, fine art and antique appraiser and auctioneer to name a few.  Clive’s Unique Jewelry seriously believes that what she has accomplished in these 4 volumes will be very hard for others to duplicate.  As Eleanore says…..”It’s Jewelry To LIVE For“.

You may order the books directly from Eleanore McMillan.  She may be reached at:


Eisenburg Original White Crystal 1940’s Fur Clip

Any individual who loves, wears or collects costume jewelry must have absolutely, positively without question an Eisenberg pin/brooch/ fur clip in their collection.  Eisenberg Mfg. Co. originally produced clothing and soon embellished  their clothing with dazzling jewelry primarily using Austrian crystals.  The early pieces were signed “Eisenberg Original” and referred to the clothing not the jewelry. After a while, the jewelry became the trademark not the clothing and has been told.  The item presented here is a beautiful example of a 1940’s signed Eisenberg Original Hallmark stamped brooch.   The Austrian clear white crystals are all original and nothing has been replaced and it has been beautifully preserved.  This brooch measures about 3″ in height X 2″ at its widest point.  If you are an absolute, positive individual, then this Eisenberg Original is for you.  Remember,  Clive says jewelry should be as unique as you are !

Item #: 5880      Price:  $450.00

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Golden Color Clamper Snake Choker

“The Only Way To Get Rid Of Temptation Is To Yield To It”    (Oscar Wilde)

Best advice we have heard in a long time.  Temptation is calling  in the way of this clamper (spring loaded) golden choker.  Length about 8″ and 6″ in its closed widest position. The choker opens up to about 7″ wide to fit around your neck. ( The apple is for display only and not included in the price. !)  C’mon….you know you love it, so slither over to Clive’s Unique Jewelry and purchase this statement making beauty !

Item # 5871      Price: $95.00

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Larry Vrba Spectacular RED/Pink/Cranberry Necklace Demi Parure

Surfacing in PINK, RED, & BURGUNDY  comes this spectacular vintage necklace and earring set designed AND signed AND made in the good old USA by non other than Lawrence Vrba himself.  Each piece contains a metal hallmark  stamped Lawrence Vrba and the necklace is also stamped Made In USA.  The necklace and matching ear clip earrings consist of varied shades of Ruby red, pink , burgundy or cranberry color crystals……all of them prong set.  The stones are all original and set in black metal.  The necklace measures about 9″ in length with a 2 1/2″ matching glass extension chain. The necklace secures by a red srystal “J” hook and the earring measures about 1″ wide X 1 1/2″ tall in a clip on style.   Elegant, sparkling, pristine condition only begin to describe this beauty.  Wear this beauty at your next Pink, Red and Burgundy and wine tasting event.  We think your guests will remember the  necklace and perhaps not the wine!!

Item # 5883      $ 950.00

As usual shipping & insurance are Free,

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Lawrence Vrba Signed Rare Floral Brooch & Earring Set

Surfacing from Clive’s private collection is this rare Lawrence Vrba signed floral brooch with a special made to order matching earrings. This rare set appears in  pink  in Eleanore McMillan’s difinitive book Volume 1 Icons Of Costume Jewelry (page 139).  Vrba’s designs are nationally and internationally known for their unbelievable uniqueness and creativity.   This three dimensional floral design measures  5″ in height and  3 1/2″ at its widest point.  The understated button style earrings measure about 1″ in diameter. The set consists of  sparkling blue and white crystals accented with moon glow blue/white thermoplastic stones.  To the verso, the brooch as two metal stamps. One Marked Lawrence Vrba and the other Made In The USA.  This rare magnificent set would make a high point to your costume jewelry collection. 

Item #: 5870      $ 950.00

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Chapita Brand Fashion Designer Earrings

Joan Eagle from Colorado designs  beautiful jewelry which her group of artisans then bring to life.  In this case we are presenting a unique pair of earrings for purchase.  Joan uses all manner of  precious and semi-precious stones and metal in her creations.  Her jewelry appears in prominent jewelry collectible publications. This particular pair of pierced earrings  contain mixed metals, glass beads of various shapes and sizes.  The dangle, drop style  earrings measure approximately 3 1/2″ in length.  The earrings are very lightweight and go with about any outfit.  Making a statement has never been easier !

Item #: 5869      $ 140.00

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Siman Tu Designer Yellow & White Cubic Zirconia Earclips

Siman Tu…..World renowned Haute  Couture jewelry designer since 1989 . What you are looking at is a prototype design that was created for rare one of a kind jewelry.  Just recently acquired, we are proud to present these ear clips for purchase.  A variation of these earrings appears in Eleanore McMillan’s definitive book, Icons of Costume Jewelry ( page 250).

The earclips consists of a cluster of yellow and white Cubic Zirconia stones in a myriad of shapes and sizes. The earrings measure approximately 2″ in height and about 1/2″ at the widest point.  The stones are of excellent quality and catch the light exquisitely. The earclips are brass with Rhodium Plate.  Siman Tu famous for creating luxurious  statement jewelry.

Item #: 5868      $350.00

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Unusual Miriam Haskell Blue Ball Necklace (GN)

 Miriam Haskell is famous for utilizing  faux pearls, crystals, and white Rhinestones in many of her jewelry designs and that style is instantly recognizable, however she also created other simpler lines of jewelry and this 1940’s + blue glass ball necklace is a prime example.  This necklace consists of a glass SKY BLUE  sphere accented with white glass discs and supported by black glass spacers.  The necklace is signed with an oval metal signature tag and on the small rectangular metal shank clasp as well.  “Blue Skies  Smiling At Me, Nothing But Blue Skies Do I See.”

Item # : 5867      Price: $ 115.00

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French Vanilla Freshwater Stick Pearl Cluster Necklace

Vanilla, Ivory, Golden shades depending on the light grace this beautiful Freshwater Stick Pearl necklace in a cluster form accented by Aurora  Borealis  teardrop crystals in the center pearl cluster and supported by a 5 strand Aurora Borealis faceted crystals sparkling in copper tones again varying on the light.  The cluster measures 3 5/8″ X 2 5/8″. The necklace with the cluster measures 9″ in length and sports a 2 1/2″ extension chain with a lobster claw clasp.  This necklace has surfaced from Clive’s private collection and would make a beautiful addition to your jewelry accessory collection.  Sticks and stones may brake your bones, but Stick Pearls will never hurt you !

Item #:  5866      Price: $ 225.00

As Usual Shipping & Insurance Charges Are Free.

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24k Gold Plated Large Wide Open Cuff Bracelet

Closed loop design 24k Gold plated open cuff bracelet with random placed flowers.   Bracelet will bend to accommodate  large or small wrists.  In current position inside diameter measures about 2 1/2″ and about 3 1/2″ in length.  Brand new and so easy to accessorize.  Dress it up or go casual.  Large statement bracelets are very popular now.

Item #: 5861      Price: $ 95.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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Joseff Of Hollywood 1940’s Scroll Brooch W/ Topaz Crystal (GN)

We can definitely say “Hooray For Hollywood” with this lovely 1940’s Eugene Joseff Of Hollywood scroll design brooch with oval Topaz crystal center stone. Eugene Joseff was jeweler to the stars during the 1920’s to 1940’s.  This is a typical example of his superb quality and design.  The brooch measures about 3″ tall x 2 1/8″ at its widest point. The front is a gold color matte finish and polished gold color and also stamped Joseff Hollywood  to the verso.  The brooch is in remarkable condition  but shows some slight wear consistent with its age as  but almost negligible to the eye.  Make a star studded statement to your jewelry collection.

Item #: 5798      Price: $ 425.00

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Joseff Of Hollywood

Larry Vrba Christmas Tree Combo Brooch/ Pendant. (GN)

Once in a while something rare comes along and whether you are a holiday brooch wearer or a serious all year around collector,  please don’t miss this purchasing opportunity.  You are looking at a Lawrence Vrba signed o. o. a .k.  (one of a kind) Christmas Tree combo  brooch/ pendant which is part of a series.  Clive’s Unique Jewelry is proud to present this brooch from his private collection.   Vrba’s talents and history are too numerous to mention here and I suggest you research his name on your computer.

  The brooch measures about 5 ” Tall and about 3″ at its widest point.  The brooch exhibits two dimensional  3 glowing candles of teardrop crystals to represent flames with white  Rhinestone Baguettes for the candle base.  The tree is adorned with aqua crystals all accented with grey Rhinestones and a pavé white Rhinestone star atop the tree.  The base includes clear Rhinestone crystals and  small white Rhinestones as well.  It is signed Lawrence VRBA to the verso.  The majority of the stones are prong set or bezel set as is the case of the aqua stones.   Please check out the other VRBA  jewelry on my website as well.  They truly make a spectacular statement and a collectors dream.

Item #: 5808     Price: $ 700.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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BOHO Style Large Rubber Rings & Braided Necklace (GN)

More bounce to the ounce !   This BOHO styled rubber  necklace consists of large brown  graduated rings  interspersed with smaller rings  all graduated in size and supported by a matching braided rubber collar of the same color and material.  There is no clasp and this very lightweight necklace stretches easily over your head.  The necklace measures about 10 ” in length but stretches out much larger when slipping over your head.  Clive’s  UNIQUE  Jewelry qualifies here !

Item # : 5800      Price: $ 195.00

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Vintage 1950’s Rhinestone “Waterfall” Earrings

” .There’s A Magic Melody,   Mother Nature Sings To Me,    Beside A Waterfall With You.”

For a closer look at these waterfall style Rhinestone earrings please click on photos below



Classic 1950’s Vintage White Rhinestones clip on earrings are set in a graduated column in a waterfall design.   Each rhinestone is prong set…..NOT GLUED IN,  The clip on earrings  measure about 4″ in length and about 1 14″ in width.  Waterfalls are irresistible to look at, so are these earrings.


AS usual shipping & insurance charges are FREE

Item #: 5823

Price: $ 125.00

Large Dove Of Peace Brooch (GN)

If ever there was a perfect time and place to present this brooch it is now.  Take a look at this Heidi Daus  signed brooch  with a Dove clutching an olive branch with wings and Olive branch accented with faceted Rhinestones. The Dove measures 4 1/2 ” wide and total height about 3 1/2″.  What a great way to express your desire for peace in this turbulent world.

Item # : 5824

Price: $ 150.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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Magnificent Vintage Hobe Faux Pearl/Crystal Choker/Necklace

Attention to detail and superb quality make this Hobé  necklace a very collectible magnificent addition to your jewelry collection.  The single string of 30 faux Pearls  are separated on each side by a blue faceted crystal situated atop a Rhinestone rondelle which crowns a faux Pearl tipped with a prong set seed Rhinestone. As if that is not enough,  the necklace ends in a center medallion consisting of an oval faceted dark blue matching crystal bordered by prong set Rhinestones. This necklace  is in pristine condition and was probably never worn.  The circular slide clasp is 14k/20 gold and the Hobé stamp is located to the verso of the blue crystal  medallion.  The choker/necklace measures 9″ in length.   Hobé jewelry is no longer manufactured which makes this beauty even more collectible than ever !

Item #: 5807

Price: $ 950.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

For a closer look, please click on photos below.

Champagne Colored Crystals W/Fringe Necklace

“A Surrey With The Fringe On Top”…..NO….. A Champagne Colored Crystal Necklace With The Fringe On The Bottom…..YES.

2 Rhinestone coated barrels support 2 columns of  Champagne colored crystals with 57? individual columns of fringe.  Clive’s Unique Jewelry was impressed with the workmanship and detail  this necklace produced.  This necklace catches the light in so many ways that no one view is the same.  The choker style necklace measures about 11 ” in length including the fringe. The necklace has a 3″ extension chain with a lobster claw clasp.  Jewelry as unique as you are!

Item # : 5821

Price: $ 95.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are FREE

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Huge Swarovski Crystal Cluster Necklace

Presented here is a statement cluster of signed Swarovski multi color crystals mounted in a torsade  style multi silver chain necklace/choker.  The ocean blue/ green 1 1/2 ” crystal is followed by a trail of various Swarovski sized and random shaped crystals. The crystal medallion measures approximately 4″ wide and the entire necklace measures 15″ with a 2 1/2 ” extension chain and lobster claw clasp. The necklace is stamped to the verso with the Swarovski  “Swan”.  Don’t look to the sky, a glorious sparkling crystal statement making comet is closer than you think!

Item # : 5799

Price : $ 450.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are FREE.

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25 Strand Seed Pearls & Red Spinels In A Lariat Style Necklace (GN)

Presented here is a magnificent example of a lariat style necklace consisting of 2 bands of Red Spinels in their natural state with a circular solid column of seed Pearls which support 25 strands of seed pearls tipped with Red Spinels at the bottom. The red color is the rarest and most desirable of the group of Spinel stones followed by blue and pink  in rarity.  The strands are 19″ in length and the solid collar with the 2 banded Spinels measures about 9″.  This is how you go about making a magnificent statement.

Item #: 5809

Price: $1200.00

As usual all shipping charges & insurance are free.

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