Our Terms of Service

“Nothing in fine print is ever good news”. Andy Rooney

• Our fine print is not that bad, in fact we think it’s pretty good, fair, practical and realistic.

• We try to keep all transactions as simple and as fast as possible.

• Shipping & Insurance Are At No Charge and we ship to the following countries listed below:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.


Our Return Policy

#1 If you are dissatisfied  with your purchase, you must return  it within 2 days of receiving it (Date stated by delivery confirmation).

Please notify us by e-mail of your intent to return your purchase.

All return insurance and shipping costs are your responsibility. Please ship by  priority mail  with insurance for full value. Upon receiving your purchase we will gladly refund your money within 30 days of receiving date, minus shipping and insurance costs.  No refunds will be issued for items not received within 30 days of the original receiving date unless the postmark on the package is within 2 days  of your receipt of the item as stated on the delivery confirmation.

#2  Uh-Oh

-Your purchase has arrived broken or damaged… Please contact us by email at cheantiques@yahoo.com  within 24 hours and we will advise you accordingly as of what to do.

– Your package never arrived… it was lost or stolen.  Contact us  if you think this is what has happened.  Packages are not normally considered lost until 30 days after shipments for domestic, and 45 days for international. By placing an order with us, you are agreeing to file no claims before a package is officially declared lost.


Currently we require payment through Paypal, and we only ship to Paypal confirmed addresses. Contact us with any questions  at cheantiques@yahoo.com

Description Of Merchandise

When we describe an item as “New” we mean just that… brand new, never worn and maybe with or without a tag, signed or unsigned. When we describe an item as “previously worn” or “used”, it may bear signs of being used or worn. If we describe a piece as being “pristine” or “near pristine” condition, we are referring to antique, vintage, or collectable jewelry that is in near perfect, or perfect condition without any flaws. If a piece has stones missing, or is flawed in any way, we will also make note of that in our description. In other words, what we’re saying  is we will be as honest as we can in describing a piece of jewelry.  If you have any questions or concerns about the condition of our merchandise , you may e-mail us at cheantiques@yahoo.com    PRIOR  to making a purchase.


We strive to get  your package to you as fast as possible, but sometimes international delays may result.

Contact Us

The United States,  contact us by telephone at (610)-449-4744   or email us at cheantiques@yahoo.com.  All other geographic areas, contact us by email. It will be at our discretion to return a telephone call received  outside the United States. We will answer all emails promptly and efficiently.

Customs Declaration

We declare all contents as “Fashion Accessories”  for  full value,  no exceptions. If you’re returning merchandise, full value must be declared, no exceptions.

Discount Policy

Your 1st purchase (transaction)  entitles you to a First Time Purchase Discount Listed As Follows:

• Sales of:  $1.00 – $99.99 – 5% First Time Buyer Discount

• Sales of: $100.00- $199.99- 10% First Time Buyer Discount

• Sales of $200.00- $399.99- 15% First Time Buyer Discount

• Sales of $400.00 or more- 20% First Time Buyer Discount

Dissatisfaction returns are considered a  transaction. Defective or broken returns are considered a transaction.

Special discounts are offered at our discretion to frequent buyers.

Special discounts are offered at our discretion to Dealers with Tax Exemption Certificates.

It is important to note that some pieces do not qualify for buyer discounts. If no information is available regarding discounts on that particular piece then, there is no discount available.


Now all that fine print wasn’t too bad….was it??  In other words….you treat us honestly and fairly, we are going to treat you with great customer service !

Now here comes the best fine print of all: You will be rewarded with special discounts for customer referrals! (certain rules apply)