Larry Vrba Vintage Classic Triple Station Rope Chain Necklace.

Clive’s Unique Jewelry is proud to present its second acquisition of a classic Lawrence VRBA “rope” chain necklace.  Many of his “ropes” contain only two ” stations ” of  embellishments.  This necklace contain three “stations” consisting of honey color Amber glass “puffs” accented with darker color faceted glass rings and even darker round glass beads all connected by a 20″ Rope Chain design.  The necklace contains a metal tag signed Lawrence VRBA.    We would venture to say that VRBA’s chains are equal to or even surpass beauty and demand of Chanel’s ropes.  VRBA’s 3 “station” chains are rare to find.    These vintage chain necklaces are extremely collectible.   Make sure your jewelry train stops at these stations!

Item #: 5881      Price : $ 375.00