Carlos Sobral

About Carlos Sobral

One of Clive’s favorite jewelry designers, Carlos Sobral began his career as a designer in Rio de Janeiro creating leather handbags and sandals from recycled materials in the 1960’s.  In 1976 Sobral stumbled across a new material-polyester resin- that would prove to be a turning point in his career.  After a great deal of experimentation he created a line of resin and acrylic jewelry unique to his designs.  His jewelry represents bright and vivid colors yet to be duplicated.  Each piece is one of a kind. By the 1980’s Sobral was running a multi million dollar company.  He continued to grow in size and popularity throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, earning recognition and respect throughout the jewelry and fashion industries worldwide.  In 2007, legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld commissioned Sobral to create jewelry for the Lagerfeld Summer 2008 Collection. Today Sobral has stores in New York City, Paris , Rio de Janeiro,  and 14 other world wide locations.  Many years ago Clive became interested in Sobral’s creations  and successfully sold his jewelry at Antique shows etc.  Currently Clive still presents Sobral’s jewelry both vintage and new creations.

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Costume Jewelry Trilogy By Eleanore Sue McMillan

The art of reference books and costume jewelry collecting has just been raised to an even higher level than ever before.  Eleanore Sue McMillan has published three huge definitive books on costume jewelry.   Volume I : Icons Of Costume Jewelry, Volume II: Costume & Fashion Vintage Jewelry and Volume III: Costume Fashion Jewelry Unsigned-Orphans Of Beauty. 

Clive’s Unique Jewelry has obtained all three volumes and believe us when we say that Eleanore’s collective is absolutely dazzling.  Each photo is a delight to the eye.   Each piece takes your breath away and all of this collection whether signed or unsigned has been elevated to a higher art form.  These are not coffee table books, but vast informational guides to collecting costume jewelry.

You can read all about Eleanore’s accomplishments…….serious collector, home sales, consulting, fine art appraiser, auctioneer….the list is  as long as two arm lengths.  What she has achieved in these three volumes will be very hard to duplicate.  As Eleanore says….It’s Jewelry To Live For” !

 You May Order The Books Directly From Eleanore Sue McMillan. She May Be Reached At :


Volume I: Icons Of Costume Jewelry 

Volume II: Costume & Fashion Vintage Jewelry

Volume III: Costume Fashion Jewelry-Orphans Of Beauty

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