Discount Information:

First Time Buyer Discount Information

(Effective July, 4, 2018)

• Sales of $1.00-$99.99 :  5%  Discount : First Time Buyers

• Sales of $100.00 – $199.99 : 10% Discount : First Time Buyers

• Sales of $200.00 – $399.99: 15% Discount : First Time Buyers

• Sales of $400.00 or more:   20% Discount : First Time Buyers

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• Enter your name and e-mail address below.

(  Not interested in purchasing right away?…….no problem.  We will save your discount for  your 1st purchase later. )

Dealer Discount Information

• Special dealer discounts available upon request & with proper sales tax identification.

• Please note that some items listed do not qualify for any discount. If there is no discount information listed on the individual piece, then no discount is offered.

Frequent Buyer Discount Information

• Frequent Buyer Discounts Available (at our discretion).

New For 2018

We offer special lay-a-way plans.

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