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Vintage Golden Flamingo Brooch-Special Sale

Unfortunately this magnificent bird has strayed from its flock and has had  a difficult time until now .  We have to find it a great home.  There are obvious wear and tear marks  on this brooch but nothing that really detracts from its grandeur and beauty.  Let’s find this magnificent proud Flamingo a permanent home.

Material: Polished brass Dimensions: Approx: 4″ Tall & 1/3/4″ Wide Condition: Worn and scratches consistent with wear Age : Vintage late 40’s-1950’s Item #: 5716
Special Price: $ We Found It A Good Home-It’s Sold!

As Usual Shipping & Insurance Charges Are Free.

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Gold Vermeil Floral Bouquet Brooch

What was originally purchased as a costume floral pin has turned out to be more than that.  The maker’s mark is not discernible  but in close examination we found it to be Gold plate on Sterling Silver AKA Gold Vermeil. There is another mark  stamped 1555 V and a 925 Sterling Silver stamp.  The brooch contains two small Sterling Silver Flowers and multi color glass tiny flowers as well all tied in a Gold Vermeil Ribbon.  Sometimes less is more.

Material: Gold Plate On Sterling Silver, Glass &
Sterling Silver Flowers
Dimensions: 2 1/2″ Tall X 1 1/2″ Width
Age: 1950’s +
Condition: Very Good
Item #: 5711
Price: 110.00 Special Price 65.00

As Usual Shipping & Insurance Charges Are Free

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Unique Western Artisan Crafted Turquoise Waterfall Necklace

Wisdom, Tranquility, Good Fortune and Hope are granted to Turquoise wearers according to ancient folklore.  Well there certainly is plenty of Turquoise in this vintage waterfall design necklace.  Turquoise in its natural state….not doctored up or dyed etc.  The necklace is a tribute to the quality of Western craft designed jewelry with twisted wire embellishments and circles.  May good fortune shine upon you with the purchase of this necklace.

Material: Turquoise
Metal: Possibly Silver (but not tested)
Length: 13" In A Waterfall Design
Width: 4" At Widest Point
Origin: Western Artisan Crafts
Age:Vintage 1970's
Condition: Slight Wear Consistent W Age
Item:# 5607
Price:$ 145.00 Sale Price: $95.00

NOTE: Special sale items are  not returnable.

As usual shipping & insurance are Free

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Clive’s Unique Jewelry has just added a new category of jewelry to choose from …..Cruise Wear Jewelry…….at Port or Starboard you  will want to look your best at the Captain’s table, or on the dance floor, or the Promenade Deck ! Take the worry and guesswork out of deciding what jewelry to wear with what….this Cruise Wear Jewelry is universal and will go with any outfit you choose. (Not only that….it’s absolutely required that you make a grand entrance boarding and may also assure you a seat at the Captain’s table ) !!

Unique Vintage Gerda Lynggaard Red & Black Horn Necklace Set

Since 1993 Clive”s Unique Jewelry (AKA C.H.E. Antiques LLC) has been selling jewelry made and designed by Gerda Lynggaard for Monies Copenhagen, Denmark.  For over 28 years her jewelry has never lost its popularity.  In fact Lynggaard’s designs are very desirable to this present day.  From Clive’s private collection comes this vintage red and black horn  multi strand overlap necklace and earring set accented with randomly  placed star shape accent pieces.  This set was purchased new by Clive and has never been worn. One earring and necklace are signed with the round metal stamp. Some jewelry is timeless and never goes out of style.

Length: 11 Inches
Earring: Clip On & 1.5 Inches Wide Irregularly Shaped.
Material: Horn
Age: Vintage Over 25 years Old
Condition: Purchased As New, Never Worn.
Item #:5582
Price: We Are Sorry, This Set Is No Longer Available

•  As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free.

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Unique Victorian Amethyst Brooch

Clive’s Unique Jewelry recently purchased this lovely Victorian Amethyst brooch with an accented Chrysanthemum flower.  The base metal is Brass but the brooch might have been gold plated at one time.  We think this would make a terrific hat accent pin….don’t you??

Shape: Triangular
Width: 2-5/8 Inches
Height: 1-7/8 Inches
Metal: Brass
Age: Antique Victorian
Condition: Slight Wear Almost Invisible
Price: We Are Sorry, This Brooch Is No Longer Available

•  As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free

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Unique Vintage Black Resin Rhinestone Open Cuff

When we say that something is “vintage” we usually think back to 1940’s or 1950’s but the clock has moved us forward a bit so something that is about 20 or 25 years old is now considered vintage…….So the black resin Rhinestone studded open cuff is considered vintage.  There are 24 white Rhinestones and running down the middle are 6 Aurora Borealis Rhinestones. This is a solid open cuff which is not adjustable so pay proper attention to the measurements listed below.  Still sparkling after all these years.

Shape: Oval Open Solid Cuff
Size: 1.5 Inches Wide
OD 3.0 Inches
ID 1-5/8 Inches
ID Opening 1.5 Inches
Age: About 20 Years Old
Condition: Minor Wear On Top
Item #: 5577
Price:We Are Sorry, This Cuff Is No Longer Available

•  As Usual Shipping & Insurance Are Free

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Special Sale: Black, Clear & Red Resin Double Strand Necklace Set.

Want to glam up a plain white or black dress?….Here’s how to do it……with this double strand of black, clear and red resin beads accented with rhinestone rondelle beads and red matching earrings.  Now instead of ho hum (yawn) you have changed your outfit into something stunning.

Necklace Material: Resin
Style: Double Strand Graduated Beads
Length: 12.0 Inches
Clasp: Lobster Claw W/ Generous 3.0 Inch Extension Chain
Earring: Pierced W Matching Red Bead
Condition: New
Item #: 5536
Price: $95.00 $60.00 Net Price No Further Discounts

•  As usual shipping & insurance are Free.

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Special Sale: 1/20th 12k GF Hinged Bangle Bracelet

Vintage G F Hinged Bangle Bracelet with slide shaft clasp. Circa 1950’s.

Width: 0.50 Inches
Metal: G.F. 1/20th 12K GF stamped
Gram Weight: 25.3
Shape: Round
ID: 2.50 inches
Age: Circa 1950’s
Condition: Slight Abrasions
Item #: 5530
Price: $125.00 $65.00 Sale Price Net-No additional Discounts

•  As usual shipping & insurance are Free.

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Special Sale: Vintage Swiss Made Rolling Gold Filled Bracelet (GN)

You can see it way down below from atop the Matterhorn !!……that is the  glimmer and glow of this beautiful Swiss made rolling Gold Filled vintage bracelet. You will climb to new beauty heights wearing this magnificent bracelet!

Length: 7.50 Inches
Width: 7/8th Inches (almost 1 Inch)
Weight: 63.36 grams
Markings: Made In Switzerland, MGBM Geneve,
20 Microns, Plaque ORL
Age: 1970’s
Condition: Excellent & Slight Wear On Slide & Box
clasp..Preowned W Very Little Wear.
Clasp: Invisible
Item #: 5528
Price: $395.00…Sale Price $195.00 Net Price
No Further Discounts Available

•  As usual shipping & insurance are Free.

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Special Sale:Vintage Gold Filled Graduated Ball Choker

There are cotton balls. foul balls, beach balls, golf balls AND then we have 41 beautiful graduated Gold Filled balls ranging in size from 4.5  to 16 Millimeters .  This vintage 15.5 inch choker is a delight to the eye with a spring ring clasp. You can have a ball being the Belle of the Ball with this beautiful necklace.

Style: 41 G F Graduated Balls On Fine Mesh Chain
Length: 15.0 Inches
Weight: 1/20 12k GF DWT= 36.8 Pennyweight
Age: Vintage
Condition: Previously Worn W/Wear Marks Visible
           To The Eye.
Item #: 5527
Price: $225.00...Sale Price $95.00 Net Price
No Additional Discounts.

•  As usual insurance & shipping are Free.

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Special Sale: G. F. Vintage Bangle Bracelet

This Gold Filled & Sterling Silver Double Bar bangle has been rescued from the “cash for Gold” clutches.  Clive’s Unique Jewelry could not send it to the Gold cemetery. It’s a 1950’s vintage bangle & has a slight indentation on one of the Ivy etched leaves and some normal wear use  consistent with this bangle.  Please see the details below.  Let’s send this bangle to a new home.

Shape: Oval
Size: 2.50 Inches in Diameter (at widest point)
Width Band: 3/8 Inch Wide
Style:  Hinged Closure W/Figure Eight Safety Catch
Age: Vintage Circa 1950’s
Weight: 1/20 10k GF 9.35 DWT= Pennyweight
Design: Ivy & Floral Etched
Condition: Slight Indentation On One Ivy Leaf &
Wear On The Inside Barely Noticeable.
Item #: 5526
Price:  Sorry,this bracelet has found a new home-it’s Sold
Discounts Available.

•  As usual shipping & insurance are Free.

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Sale-Vintage Earrings- Lot Of 4

Inventory Sale- Vintage Earrings

Most of these pierced earrings are from the 1970’s and 1980’s.  This lot contains a pair of small twisted rope gold loops which might actually be gold but have not been tested.  If they are real gold, then you have a nice bargain here.  In any case these look like they would be fun to wear.

Item # 4874      Price: $25.00

REMEMBER: Shipping & Insurance Are Always FREE

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