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Mary Frances Luxury Designer Floral Handbag

Clive’s Unique Jewelry is proud to present the second of two luxury  handbags by world famous designer, Mary Frances.  This handbag consists of multiple multi color silk roses accented with Freshwater Pearls, beads and crystals.  The arched carry strap consists of acrylic faceted barrels inter mingled with silver rondelle spacers.  The floral top opens up to reveal  accordion  expansion pleats on the side to widen the interior of the bag.  The sides of the handbag are adorned with Rose Quartz Stones, Crystals and Freshwater Pearls. In addition surrounding the bag are hand sewn floral patterns accented with seed Pearls, sequins and glass beads. The bottom oval diameter measures 5 1/2 X 4 1/2 Inches in closed position.  The interior expands to about 5 Inches. The bag measures about 11 Inches tall and the floral top about 5 Inches wide and the arched fixed handle is about 5 Inches tall. This bag is new and never been used. The hand work on this bag is absolutely phenomenal !

Item #: 5785

Price: $ 250.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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Mary Frances Luxury Floral HandBag

  Clive’s Unique Jewelry is proud to present  one of two Mary Frances’s  world renowned luxury fashion designer handbags.  This handbag is a soft cushion type with multiple three dimensional flowers and beaded detailing in mixed media material cloth . Supporting the flowers underneath consists of over lapping material pleats of varied colors and designs.  To the verso continues a different floral pattern.  The closure consists of a white crystal bypass snap which is accented with metal flowers with Rhinestone crystals.   As if this were not enough, the cross body strap contains Freshwater Pearls and assorted semi precious stones and faceted crystals.  There is a signed sewn in label and contains a pouch for cell phone placement.  The bag measures approximately 11 x 7 Inches and the cross body strap allows the bag to be carried day or night. This bag is new and has never been used.  This handbag is truly unique and one of a kind.

Item #: 5784

Price: $ 350.00

As usual shipping & insurance charge are free.

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Glen Miller For Anne Turk Vintage Alligator Leather Very Unique Tote

Clive’s Unique Jewelry is very proud to present this one of a kind unique Alligator skin leather tote by Glenn Miller For Ann Turk.  Anne Turk’s handbags, purses and totes are usually one of a kind and very unique.  Unfortunately she passed away in 1996 and during the 1980’s she and her son Glen Miller produced very high end purses etc to exclusive clients.  Her handbags sold for $500.00 and up. Many of her handbags were were accented with gold and silver embellishments.  Anne Turks handbags were sold at Bloomingdale’s Saks Fifth Avenue and other selected stores.  Elizabeth Taylor Ivana Trump and Naomi Campbell were among her regular clients.  This vintage leather tote is in remarkable condition and shows very little wear as it was carefully cared for. Underneath the closing flap there is a piece if leather missing which I have shown in the photos below however it does not show for it is underneath the flap belt.  The silver embellishment is of a Labrador  Retriever against a genuine Alligator patterned background. There is an inside zippered compartment as well.  The leather is very soft and supple and there are some minor wear marks along the bottom stitching.  We have done nothing to the bag. You see it in the condition we purchased it. It needs a slight restoration/cleaning by a good shoe and leather repair place. This tote would be perfect for a  travel bag or a carry on by men or women.

Please Note: This bag is not returnable and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have prior to purchase.  Also if you wish us to clean/restore the bag after you purchase it, there will be an added charge for that service.

Material: Alligator, leather, Silver
Size: 13 Inches X 12 Inches
Silver Dog: 2 1/2 Inches X 3 Inches Weighs A
Little Over Four Ounces Of Silver
Shoulder Straps: Two Each about 15 Inches
Age: 1980’s
Condition: Previously Used & Very Well Cared
For But There Are a Few Minor
Scratches that are barely noticeable
But Can Be Buffed Out.
Clasps: Magnetic Button Hole Clasps
Item Number: 5760
Price: 350.00

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Starlet Brand B & W Sequined Clutch Bag

This is the second of two handbags up for sale.  This bag consists of branched alternating black & white sequins in a silver frame and latch.  A stunning accessory to any outfit.

Material: Sequins On Silver Frame
Size: 8 Inches Wide x 1 1/2 Inches Deep In
Closed Position
Age: New
Condition: Excellent
Chain: Shoulder Length-Removable
Item #: 5744
Price: $65.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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Starlet Brand Rhinestone Studded Clutch Bag

Yes you read the post correctly we are presenting one of two beautiful Starlet Brand clutch bags for sale.  The silver bag consists of Rhinestones alternating with mirror baquette stones which  sparkle at every turn of the bag.  A shoulder length curb chain can be removed easily.  This bag is universal…..wear it with anything ….bridal, cocktail, afternoon, casual, jeans and everything in between….It’s not just for dress up anymore.

Material: Vinyl & Rhinestone Crystals
Size: 7 Inches wide and 1 1/2 inches deep in
closed position
Color: Silver
Condition: Very Slightly Used But No Wear Marks
and Overall Excellent Condition
Chain: Shoulder Length Curb Chain Removable.
Age: Newish
Item #: 5745
Price: $ 65.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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Lalique Vintage Nina Ricci Sealed L’Air Du Temps Perfume-Original Silk Box

  A Triple Classic……Lalique,      L’Air Du Temps Scent       &      Perfumer Nina  Ricci      all in one great presentation.  This vintage 1950’s perfume is presented with a Lalique double Dove spiral glass bottle all sealed in gold thread and stabilized in the yellow Silk  presentation case.  It is important to note that the presentation case is slightly soiled on the outside and a little dusty on the inside.  The bottle is sealed and is in pristine condition.  With some careful cleaning, the presentation case can be restored to its original sheen.   L’Air Du Temps ….a classic  scent 70 years ago and remains so today.

Box Dimensions: 3.5″ X 4.0″
Contents: 1oz Original Scent L’Air Du Temps Perfume in
a sealed bottle.
Condition: Lalique Bottle Pristine, Presentation Case
Slightly Soiled.
Age: 70+ years.
Item #: 5610
Price:$ 350.00

As usual shipping & insurance are  free of charge.

Please note, this item will be shipped only to an address in the United States.

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Unique Costume Jewelry Picture Frame

HELP ! We Were Framed…..No, not that  kind of “frame up” ……the good kind……picture frames.  Not just any picture frame, but one that is adorned with all manner of costume jewelry. This frame was designed and created by  Patricia Lipa- Liles and we could not resist purchasing it. We purchased different ones and this is the largest of the three we purchased. The base is a solid glass with scalloped design.  “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall”………..( Also, it might make a neat wedding gift )

Frame Size: 9.5 Inches X 8.0 Inches
Picture Size: 5.0 Inches X 7.0 Inches
Material Clear Glass
Item #: 5583
Price : $75.00

As usual shipping & insurance are at no charge.

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Costume Jewelry Trilogy By Eleanore Sue McMillan

The art of reference books and costume jewelry collecting has just been raised to an even higher level than ever before.  Eleanore Sue McMillan has published three huge definitive books on costume jewelry.   Volume I : Icons Of Costume Jewelry, Volume II: Costume & Fashion Vintage Jewelry and Volume III: Costume Fashion Jewelry Unsigned-Orphans Of Beauty. 

Clive’s Unique Jewelry has obtained all three volumes and believe us when we say that Eleanore’s collective is absolutely dazzling.  Each photo is a delight to the eye.   Each piece takes your breath away and all of this collection whether signed or unsigned has been elevated to a higher art form.  These are not coffee table books, but vast informational guides to collecting costume jewelry.

You can read all about Eleanore’s accomplishments…….serious collector, home sales, consulting, fine art appraiser, auctioneer….the list is  as long as two arm lengths.  What she has achieved in these three volumes will be very hard to duplicate.  As Eleanore says….It’s Jewelry To Live For” !

 You May Order The Books Directly From Eleanore Sue McMillan. She May Be Reached At :


Volume I: Icons Of Costume Jewelry 

Volume II: Costume & Fashion Vintage Jewelry

Volume III: Costume Fashion Jewelry-Orphans Of Beauty

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PotteryBarn Brown Leather Jewelry Case w/Travel Case

POTTERYBARN Large Brown Leather Jewelry Case

  • Size: W 9.5 x  D 8.25 x H 4.5 inches (approximate)
  • Hand tooled hobnail design
  • Swede bottom
  • Polished brass hardware
  • Upper & Lower compartments
  • 8.5 x 7.25 inches mirror insert
  • Brass key w/ silk tassel & swede pouch
  • Matching leather travel case w/mirror
  • Swede linings throughout w/leather accents

This jewelry case is brand new and has never been used and makes a great gift or purchase to organize jewelry collections. E-Mail us with any questions: as this item in non returnable.

Item #: 5502      Price: 165.00

  • Shipping & Insurance are always free.
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14K White Gold Belais Bros. Edwardian Compact

14 K White Gold (Front Only) Belais Bros. Powder & Rouge Compact Accented With A Black & White Female Side View Bust.

The outside of the compact on front and back is in excellent condition with the front only in 14K white gold.  The interior of the compact is stamped Belais 14K White Gold Front and also bears an additional hallmark on the inside lid as well. The foil backed mirror is damaged where shown. The powder applicator is in excellent condition and is the original. The Octagon compact measures about 2 1/4″ across. This would make a wonderful addition to your compact collection or we prefer to wear it as an eye catching pendant.   Please Note: This item is not available for a first time buyer’s discount.     So…..are you prepared to make an eight sided statement?

Item#: 4665  We Are Sorry, This Compact Is No Longer Available

Remember shipping & insurance are free.

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