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Very Unique Artisan Crafted Necklace by C. & D. Cothard

Are you looking for something  very unique and one of a kind ?  let us repeat that question….are you REALLY looking for something very very unique and unusual ……well you have come to the right place.  Clive’s Unique Jewelry has recently acquired a beautiful necklace created by the artists Candace & Don Cothard of Camp Hill, Pa. They describe their jewelry as “highly imaginative, one of a kind and sculptural”. Their company, Imagination in Glass  creates most unusual and unique jewelry.  The necklace presented here is made of mixed metals and semi precious stones, the primary center stone in natural Turquoise and accented beautifully with a simulated, faceted, Topaz, Marquis  large crystal.  A brass free form wire supports this necklace. The pendant measures 5 1/2 Inches tall X about 2 3/4″ at its widest point. The pendant is signed i/g on a metal tag. Unique, unusual, beautiful…..yup, that about describes it !

Item #: 5789

Price: $  250.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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Mary Frances Luxury Designer Floral Handbag

Clive’s Unique Jewelry is proud to present the second of two luxury  handbags by world famous designer, Mary Frances.  This handbag consists of multiple multi color silk roses accented with Freshwater Pearls, beads and crystals.  The arched carry strap consists of acrylic faceted barrels inter mingled with silver rondelle spacers.  The floral top opens up to reveal  accordion  expansion pleats on the side to widen the interior of the bag.  The sides of the handbag are adorned with Rose Quartz Stones, Crystals and Freshwater Pearls. In addition surrounding the bag are hand sewn floral patterns accented with seed Pearls, sequins and glass beads. The bottom oval diameter measures 5 1/2 X 4 1/2 Inches in closed position.  The interior expands to about 5 Inches. The bag measures about 11 Inches tall and the floral top about 5 Inches wide and the arched fixed handle is about 5 Inches tall. This bag is new and never been used. The hand work on this bag is absolutely phenomenal !

Item #: 5785

Price: $ 250.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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Large Vintage Amber & Citrine S. Silver Pendant

Clive’s Unique Jewelry recently re acquired this magnificent pendant from a very loyal and devoted client.  The pendant consists of a very large oval cabochon Amber oval 2 inches X 1.25 inches replete with fossilized  items buried within. The color changes with the light from Cognac to Red. The Amber is surrounded by 11 gem stones…..3 Amber, 4 Garnets and 4 Citrines everything all bezel set in Sterling Silver.  This cabochon Amber stone supports a hinged  arrowhead of natural Citrine approx 3 inches long x 1 1/2 inches wide.   It also has 2 oval amber stones and 2 Citrine stones  as accents.  All of this pendant is bezel set into 11.28 oz or 320.9 g of Sterling Silver.  The back of the pendant is stamped 925 and the initials AF. This is a one owner piece and was very well cared for.  There are wear marks on the silver, consistent with age but can be polished out if so desired. The front of the pendant is in excellent condition with no chips or scratches etc.  Unique, and One Of A Kind only begins to describe this pendant.

Material: Sterling Silver & Gem Stones
Total Size: 2 5/8 Inches X 5 1/8 Inches
Total Weight: 11.28 oz or 320.9 g
Age: Latter part of 20th Century
Condition: Front Excellent, Verso-Wear Scratches On
Silver(can be polished out) Overall, well
Cared for.

Item #: 5779

Price: $1250.00

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have prior to purchase.

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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Vintage Leaf Spray Brooch W/Rhinestones

What we have here is a beautiful unsigned brooch which our dear friend Eleanore McMillan calls “an orphan of beauty”. Just imagine creating a lovely costume jewelry brooch and not taking credit for it.  This brooch consists of a large spray of leaves with channels of Rhinestones following the leaf stems as accents.  The leaves are gathered in the middle with a dome of pavé Rhinestones.  Cocktail Party, Black Dress and This Brooch……WOW!

Material: Base Metal W/ Gold Tone Color
Dimension: 2″ X 4″
Age: Vintage
Condition: Excellent-All original stones and no
visible scratches or wear marks
Item #: 5708
Price: $ 95.00


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Swarovski Crystal & Black Enamel Combo Cuff

A large link combination Swarovski Pavé crystals on one side and the other black enamel in a large chain link format.  This Swarovski cuff is signed with their signature hallmark Swan.  Make a beautiful “Swan” dive statement.

Material: Gilt metal, Enamel, Swarovski Crystals
Dimensions: Width: 1 1/8″
I.D. 2 1/2″ X 1 1/2″ Oval
Hallmark: Stamped Swarovski Swan
Condition: Excellent With No Visible Scratches On
Enamel and Elsewhere
Item #: 5714
Price: $ 325.00

As usual shipping & insurance charges are free.

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David Kuo Champleve Poured Enamel Bracelet & Earrings

David Kuo, a Los Angeles, Ca. renowned artist created hand made jewelry in the 1980’s-1990’s   using Cloisonné and poured Champlevé enamel technique.  This vibrant, multi colored set is reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style.  Both the bracelet and the earrings are signed by the artist.  The bracelet is an open cuff with royal blue enameling on the inside.  This bracelet is not adjustable and will fit a small or medium wrist. The matching earrings are pierced. Beautifully created and unique in style.

Metal: Champlevé Enamel On Brass
Dimensions: Width 1 3/8″; Bracelet Opening 1 1/8″;
Length- Approx 6 1/8″; earrings-pierced
approx. 3/4″ w.
Age: 1980’s-1990’s
Condition- Excellent with no chips or scratches to
Item #: 5700
Price: $225.00

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

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Champagne Crystal & Onyx Crystal Waterfall Necklace

It’s Time To “Bling” It Up A Notch !

From Clive’s private collection comes this magnificent waterfall necklace consisting of faceted, rectangular champagne tinted crystals  in a 7 tier waterfall design. The crystals are supported by 75 columns of about 9 faceted onyx crystals in each row. The black onyx support measures about 1″ wide and the crystals extend down about 5 “.  This truly is a magnificent necklace.  So, making a statement was never as glamorous as this.

Item #: 4924      Price: $ 250.00

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• For a closer look, please click on photos below.