Quadruple Tier Collar Waterfall Necklace

Yosemite, Angel, Iguazu, and Niagara are just a few of the famous waterfalls we all need to visit from our bucket list.  However Clive’s Unique Jewelry has an alternative solution……sort of !  We are pleased to present this quadruple tier gold tone collar type waterfall necklace which is supporting 51 individual brass chains (we counted them twice!)  Some chains are about 7 1/2 Inches and others are 10 1/2 Inches in length.  The collar is 1 1/2 Inches wide at the bottom and gradually narrows to 1″ at the top.  Total length is about 16 Inches not including the connecting chain and 2 1/2 Inch extension. Don’t let the size fool you….the necklace is not that heavy. We “fell” for this necklace the first time we saw it !!

Item #; 5762

Price: $ 95.00