Gerda Lynggaard for Monies Vintage Black Horn Necklace

Gerda Lynggaard- a name synonymous with unique and unusual designs created this unsigned  very large black Horn  necklace.  This necklace comes from Clive’s Unique Jewelry private collection and purchased it new in the late 1970’s.  The necklace consists of large irregular shaped random placed graduated discs of black Horn.  The largest piece being 4 x 1/5 inches in length. The 11 horn discs are supported by  matching circular graduated chain links.  19 inch leather adjustable straps support the entire necklace.  We can safely call this a “one of a kind necklace as no two were ever made exactly the same.  We are pleased to offer this very collectible necklace up for sale. 

Item #: 5500      Price: $ 450.00

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