Artisan Crafted Vintage Repurposed Jewelry Pendant # 2

Clives Unique Jewelry is always on the lookout for unique or unusual jewelry and we have found three which we have put up for sale.  Someone, a very very clever someone has taken bits and pieces of  vintage broken jewelry and like the Phoenix has revived them into stunning pendants.  Each pendant is one of a kind and unique in its own way.  This pendant has a back support signed spiral Crown Trifari  pin. There is a Bumble Bee flying among Rhinestone  flowers and faux pearl and leaf pins. The pendant is supported by a 9 inch chain and the pendant itself measures about  3 X 3.25 inches at its widest point.  The workmanship of this artisan crafted pendant is teriffic and our hats are off to this individual who has saved broken costume jewelry from extinction.  This is the second of three pendants we are offering for sale.  Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes !

Item #: 5496      Price: $ 65.00

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