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Super Hero Necklace by Lenora Dame


Why it’s a super hero necklace from Lenora Dame.  We have not only Spider Man, but Iron Man, BatMan and Captain America There are five super heroes  all ready to save you from the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune.  Children are going to look at you in awe.  The necklace measures about 17″ in length and the super heroes are intermingled with various beads and pearls etc. We absolutely could not resist buying this necklace.  You will walk taller, straighter and have a worry free smile on your face.

Item #: 5122      Price: $ 145.00

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Mabe/Blister Pearls W/Black Chain Lariat

Clive’s Unique Jewelry has always felt that Pearls of any style whether faux or the genuine article have always been the easiest to accessorize and compliment any outfit. These beautiful luminescent Mabé/Blister Pearls are  a  perfect example.  Four 3/4″ squares of Pearls in a sautoir style are supported by a black metallic chain and may be worn in a lariat style as well. The chain including the Pearls measures 19 1/2″ in length and may be worn in various ways.  Bring moonlight closer to home with this statement winner !

Item #: 5074      Price: $ 100.00

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Trifari Crown Vintage Starburst Brooch w/ Aqua Center Crystal

Without a doubt, this Trifari Crown signed brooch is an absolute classic and belongs in anyone’s collection of jewelry. The gold tone brooch is about 2″ in diameter so it is not very large, but packs a huge statement wallop. The center stone is an aqua faceted crystal and the back is brushed gold tone with the signed Crown & Trifari stamp.   How does that saying go…..? Good things come in small packages!

Part #: 5047      Price: $ 95.00

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Swarovski Vintage “Cosmic” Demi-Parure

Out of this world is the best way to describe this rare Swarovski demi- parure consisting of a bracelet, pin and matching earrings. The material is deep cobalt blue enamel accented with pavé rhinestones, gold planets, lots of stars, moon, and sun.  The oval bracelet measures 2″ x 2 1/2″ with a slide clasp. The planet  pin measures about 2″ in diameter and the clip on earrings are about 1″ in diameter. We have included photos to the verso which also show rhinestones set in the back. Each piece has the famous  Swan. Hallmark. This vintage set has been in Clive’s private collection and now it’s time to find a new owner. Very collectible, very unique and VERY Out Of This World.

PLEASE NOTE: We initially attributed this set to Gloria Vanderbilt  and it was brought to our attention by one Rachel Burge that the set was indeed Swarovski and not Gloria Vanderbilt but the Swan Hallmarks for both are very similar but there are differences if one looks closely. We thank Rachel for the correction and we have made the appropriate description and price change accordingly. 

Item #: 5040      Price: $ 850.00

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Swarovski Crystal Jaguars & Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Next Best Thing In Place Of The Automobile !

Clive’s Unique Jewelry has a penchant for Jaguars in jewelry and perhaps a vintage XK-E. But for now here is an exquisite necklace of 2 Pavé Swarovski crystal  Sterling SilverJaguars having a “tug o war” with a Sterling Silver ring of Swarovski Crystals. Watching this entire event are 28 Freshwater Pearls all in a row.  The necklace is 18″ in length and has a snap clasp hidden underneath the left hand Jaguar’s head.

Item # : 4928      Price: Item Has Been Sold

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Vintage Anne Klein Retro Deco Necklace & Earrings

Clive”s Unique jewelry has very recently purchased this wonderful Anne Klein retro Deco necklace & earring set presented in satin gold tone finish and black enamel. Although this set was probably made in the 80’s it certainly has a Deco design to it. The clip earrings measure almost 1 1/4″ in diameter and the 18 disc necklace measures about 16″ with each disc measuring about 3/4″ in diameter. It has a toggle clasp and a traditional Anne Klein tag. Make a statement that says Deco is just as beautiful and relevant now as it was way back when.

Item # : 4902      Price: $ 125.00

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NorieM Paris Geometric Necklace

Clive’s Unique Jewelry has just acquired several outstanding, exclusive necklaces from Noriem Paris Clothing  & Accessory Boutique. The avant garde Japanese designs consist of mixed materials in a unique geometric presentation. If you are looking to wear a unique design,  then this necklace is for you. This particular necklace in black, white and grey is a very lightweight  slip on and measures about 15 1/2″ in length. No two pieces are alike in design and shape. These are the best examples yet of “unique” in Clive’s Unique Jewelry.

Item #: 4978      Price: $ 125.00

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Citrine & Mabe Pearl Bracelet.


From Clive’s private collection comes this magnificent bracelet consisting of Mabe Pearls, stick Freshwater Pearls and complimented by a large bezel set Citrine. Each Mabe rectangle measures 2″ x 1″ and are bezel set into Sterling Silver. The stick Pearls and the Citrine measure about 1 1/2″ by 2 1/4″  once again all bezel set into sterling silver. The bracelet segments measure a total of 6″ in length and the total length of the bracelet with the extensions and the toggle measure about 9″. This bracelet has a toggle & circle clasp with 3 adjustments. This bracelet has remained in Clive’s private collection for about 7 years.  So Springtime is for yellow Daffodils and of course beautiful yellow Citrines.

Item # : 4953      Price: $ 750.00

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Jeff Lieb Spectacular Multi Color Swarovski Crystal Necklace


Clive’s Unique Jewelry has just discovered this spectacular jewelry  designer, Jeff Lieb from Chicago and what designs they are. This talented man has created some of the most unusual and wearable jewelry that adorns cinema stars, celebrities, and all manner of fashion conscious individuals. Although we have just discovered him, he has made quite a name for himself over the years. What we have here is an Aluminum twisted rope collar with a sculptured Swarovski  multi color crystal pendant.  (F Y I…Jeff is one of the approved designers for Swarovski Crystal Element Division). The Aluminum collar is adjustable and the pendant which is 5″ in length consists of 18 Swarovski crystals in various shapes and sizes.  The pendant is metal stamped Jeff Lieb to the verso. Your neck will thank you for purchasing it.

Item #: 4936      Price: $ 250.00

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Champagne Crystal & Onyx Crystal Waterfall Necklace

It’s Time To “Bling” It Up A Notch !

From Clive’s private collection comes this magnificent waterfall necklace consisting of faceted, rectangular champagne tinted crystals  in a 7 tier waterfall design. The crystals are supported by 75 columns of about 9 faceted onyx crystals in each row. The black onyx support measures about 1″ wide and the crystals extend down about 5 “.  This truly is a magnificent necklace.  So, making a statement was never as glamorous as this.

Item #: 4924      Price: $ 250.00

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Helga Wagner Turquoise, Shell, & Teardrop Pearl Necklace

For Some, It’s A Little Early For Summer But Perfect For Cruising To The Islands.

  Helga Wagner designer necklace.  This exact same necklace appeared in the 2016 Issue Of The Palm Beach Illustrated  for $450.00 where Helga Wagner sells her beautifully designed jewelry…most with a shell theme. This particular necklace consists of a lion’s paw pale orange natural shell pendant  with a bezel set oval Turquoise stone on the shell. The main body of the necklace consists of 5 strands of Freshwater teardrop Pearls accented with 5 strands of Turquoise. The shell motif clasp is signed and contains a hook & bar clasp. This is a statement winner if ever there was one.

Item #: 4850      Price: $400.00

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dscf1666  dscf1664 dscf1665

dscf1661 dscf1663 dscf1662

Vilaiwan Designer Ocean Blue Necklace w/ Vintage Glass

BLUES & GREENS  mixed together to form this magnificent necklace with vintage glass to form this unique Joe Vilaiwan designer fashion piece. The bezel set blue  and green crystal stones are randomly set to flow and cascade around your neck.  Mr. Vilaiwan is one of our nation’s foremost designers of fashion jewelry exhibiting  world wide.  This particular necklace appears in many publications and fashion shows as well. In the past, Mr. Vilaiwan has created special one of a kind pieces for Clive’s Unique Jewelry.  So, no need to sail the seven seas…..make a statement right here around your neck.

Item #: 4801      Price: $ 550.00

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DSCF1583 DSCF1586DSCF1584 DSCF1585 DSCF1587 DSCF1588 Invaluable_Vilaiwan_Necklaces-1468432781342

Cubic Zirconia Pave Roses With Black Onyx Multi Strand Crystals

Just Beautiful Jewelry- Agree??

Three Cubic Zirconia pave roses supported by 7 strands of Black Onyx Crystals……all artisan handcrafted. The clasp &  chain are in Sterling Silver.  No fading here, these roses bloom forever.

Item #: 4812      Price: $ 400.00


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DSCF1424 DSCF1425  DSCF1427

Art Deco Retro Fashion Necklace In Green & Gold Tipped Glass

One Hundred Sixty Layered Mint Green & Gold Tipped Glass  Bugle Beads wired in an Art Deco retro motif.  This artisan crafted necklace  measures approximately 10″ in length and about 6″ at its widest point. This is an absolute winner and take a good look at the pictures……they say it all.  So……make a statement that will make your friends  green with envy.

Item #: 4802      Sorry, this necklace has found a new home!

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AY523GN $65 (1)DSCF1295DSCF1296DSCF1299 DSCF1302

Baroque Pearl, Ruby, Crystal Snake Earrings

These Are “Snake Eyes” Of An Altogether Different Nature !

Here are a pair of very elegant coiled snakes (ready to strike at any moment) with Ruby Eyes and a body of Swarovski Crystals guarding very large Baroque Pearls over 13mm in size.  Total earring length is 3″ and the snake measures about 1 1/4″ wide for each pierced earring.  So…….wearing these earrings says you are ready to “strike” up an elegant statement.

Item #: 4784      Price: $ 300.00

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Rubys, Seed Pearls, In A Sautoir Necklace

Rubys, hundreds and hundreds of seed pearls accented with Swarovski Crystals in a reverse tulip sautoir necklace. The  entire necklace measures 21″in length reminiscent of Art Deco Style. This sautoir is truly understated elegance personified.  This is a very easy elegant statement maker.

Item #: 4711      Price: $325.00


For a larger view, please click on photos below.

DSCF0438  DSCF0437  DSCF0436

DSCF0434  DSCF0432

Honey Bee Earrings On Faceted Lemon Drop

Bee..utiful (sorry we couldn’t resist) are these lovely honey bee motif pierced earrings.  Each bee is perched on a faceted acrylic lemon drop. The entire earring is only 3/4″ long, but the detail of the bees are great. So….make a bee line (sorry) for Clives Unique Jewelry and purchase these statement, very unique earrings before they fly away. 🙂

Item #: 4642      Price: $ 35.00

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DSCF0111 DSCF0109 DSCF0108


Large Gemstone Pendant w/ Lemon Citrine, Amethyst & Peridot

Three beautiful Brazilian cut gemstones consisting of Lemon Citrine, Amethyst, & Peridot all bezel set into Sterling silver.  The lemon Citrine measures about 1 1/2″ wide by 1″ tall. The size, cut and color of this Citrine is very difficult to find. This pendant was purchased in an estate sale and was previously worn, but in overall excellent condition. Statements are made in a variety of ways….this pendant is one way.

Item # : 3315    Price: $675.00

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DSCF9911 DSCF9902

Stanley Hagler/Ian St Gielar Demi Parure

Varied shades of cranberry colored quartz accented with Russian gold filigree and seeded glass florettes make up this exquisite demi parure  necklace, earrings, and pin.  The set is signed in 5 places and was produced in the late 1980’s. Each medallion in the necklace measures about 3″ in length and about 2″ wide. There are 5 medallions in the necklace accented with a double strand of cranberry quartz glass beads . There is a very generous extension 3 1/2″ extension chain made up of 6 carnberry quartz beads. The pin measures about 2 1/2″ long and about 3 1/4″ wide. The earrings are clip on and about 1 1/2″ in diameter. The attention to detail is absolutely spectacular.   So, make a grand Thanksgiving Day statement by wearing cranberries instead of eating them!

Condition: Previously worn, but in pristine condition.

Item #: 3904      Price: $ $1200.00

For a larger view, please click on photos below.

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