Lalique Vintage Nina Ricci Sealed L’Air Du Temps Perfume-Original Silk Box

  A Triple Classic……Lalique,      L’Air Du Temps Scent       &      Perfumer Nina  Ricci      all in one great presentation.  This vintage 1950’s perfume is presented with a Lalique double Dove spiral glass bottle all sealed in gold thread and stabilized in the yellow Silk  presentation case.  It is important to note that the presentation case is slightly soiled on the outside and a little dusty on the inside.  The bottle is sealed and is in pristine condition.  With some careful cleaning, the presentation case can be restored to its original sheen.   L’Air Du Temps ….a classic  scent 70 years ago and remains so today.

Box Dimensions: 3.5″ X 4.0″
Contents: 1oz Original Scent L’Air Du Temps Perfume in
a sealed bottle.
Condition: Lalique Bottle Pristine, Presentation Case
Slightly Soiled.
Age: 70+ years.
Item #: 5610
Price:$ 350.00

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