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Sarah Coventry Vintage Golden Triple Ribbed Leaf Brooch

Sometimes a piece of jewelry just catches your eye and you know you have to purchase it.  This Sarah Coventry vintage leaf brooch  does just that. It’s triple ribbed leaves are a delight to the touch and feel senses.  This golden delight from the 1960’s measures about 3 inches wide and each leaf is about an inch wide at its widest point.  It’s is just screaming to be worn on a suit, jacket or coat lapel or on plain color outfit. It is in beautiful condition and well cared for.  Sometimes a huge statement can be made  in this subtle yet elegantly  tailored brooch.

Item # : 5501      Price: $ 50.00

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Mid Century Modern Triple Circle Entwined Large Pin

Some jewelry transcends their use through any decade and this Mid Century Modern pin does exactly that.  Three circles  entwined in a three dimensional layer each circle vying for the viewer’s attention with its golden shine.  The widest diameter of the pin measures about 3.25 inches.   Someone has taken very good care of this pin as it is in excellent condition.  Easy to accessorize and goes with practically anything.  ” Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel.  Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel” Windmills Of Your Mind

Item #: 5498      Price: $ 65.00

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Crown Trifari Vintage Aurora Borealis Pin & Earring Set

 Clive’s Unique Jewelry private collection is pleased to offer this  Crown Trifari  signed pin and earring set with beautiful Aurora Borealis stones.  The quality of the  stones are amazing and reflect colors of orange, blue, green, and pink to name a few. Each  stone is individually prong set and both the pin and earrings are signed.  The earrings are clamp on and this set was probably created in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. The pin measures 1.5 inches across  and consists of a smaller single inner row of stones  followed by a larger mid row and then a third outside row of small stones.  The earrings are about 1 inch in length complimenting the pin in a matching cluster of stones.  We classify this set as being pristine in condition.  A classic is always in style !

Item #: 5492      Price: $  150.00

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14k GF Vintage Leaf & Pearl Pin

Are you turning over a new leaf ?…..lets start here with this small wonder…..a stemmed four leaf 14k GF  & Pearl  pin made by Wells.  The pin is hallmarked in two places to the verso.  The pin measures about 2.5 inches in length.  Maximum height is about 1 inch.  This vintage pin is in magnificent condition and we don’t think it was ever worn.  Sometimes small can make a big impression.

Item #: 2092      Price: $65.00

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1980’s Circular Wire Pin

Are you going around around in circles lately?? STOP….let this 1980’s Gold tone wire pin do it for you so you can relax and look great at the same time.  The graduating circles from small to large are accented by a top set round black Lucite stone surrounded by a single ring of Rhinestones.  The pin measures about 2 1/2 inches wide (at its widest point) and 2 1/2 inches tall.  The diameter of the black Lucite bead is about 1 inch.  We guess you could call this unique pin a circle within a circle within a circle !!

Item # 5436      Price: $ 60.00

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Mid Century Modernist Pin

We call this our North, South, East and West Pin…….why you ask, well no matter what direction you point it , this Mid Century Modernist pin still looks great.  It’s a simple design of  polished Gold tone finished tubes supporting a deep Emerald green  four pronged Lucite stone.  The pin measures about 2 inches square.  This is one of those pieces we  call a real eye catcher.  We think this pin is not only unique, but has a solid quiet strength about it.

NOTE: This pin has  a few very slight abrasion marks and soldering mfg. marks, but does not detract from its beauty considering it’s age.

Item # 5429      Price:  Sorry, This Pin Has Been Sold

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Bumble Bee Pin-Artisan Crafted

Bees… very necessary to our very existence and what a great way to  show their appreciation for what they do than with this Bumble Bee pin. It was designed and signed by my favorite artisan Jan Michaels who no longer creates this wonderful jewelry. This brass Bee measures wing tip to wing tip about 2 1/2 inches across and stands about 2 inches tall and the detail of the Bee is remarkable. Also, if you loves Bees, then check out our earring section where you will also find a Bee or two.  It’s a “honey” of a pin and deserves a nature’s lovers home !

Item #: 4453      Price: $50.00

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Vintage Sterling Silver Grape Cluster Brooch/Pendant

ATTN: Wine Lovers of The World

What we have here is a vintage Sterling Silver grape cluster Brooch/Pendant. The jewelry marks to the verso are TS-102, Mexico 925.  It is a combo brooch and pendant and measures not quite 3″ tall by 2 1/2″ wide.  There are some wear marks on the front of the grape stem and to the verso of the pin. These, however do not detract from its beauty and wearability.  This vintage pin, like vintage wine is a classic.

Please Note: The Sterling Silver neck collar as shown in the photos is not included in the price of the brooch/pendant.

Item #: 5134      Price: $ 95.00

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Vintage Pair 1950’s Amethyst Sterling Fur Clips

Sometimes less is more and this pair of Sterling Silver vintage fur clips are a perfect example.  Square cut Amethyst crystals are prong set into Gilt over Sterling Silver scroll work. The deep purple crystals measure about 3/4″ square and the entire length is about 1 1/2″.  These fur clips today may be worn on clothing. The fur is long gone but these magnificent clips remain in beautiful condition.  Each one is signed Sterling  to the verso. They may be worn as a pair or individually.  Making a statement with these clips is very easy.  Let’s find a good home for them.

Item #: 5133      Price: $ 95.00

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Vintage Golden Brushed Matte Finish 4 Segmented Pin.

This unsigned beauty from the 1950’s + has a golden brushed matte finish and almost glows in the dark.  The pin measures about 1.5″ X 1.5″. This what we call understated elegance and would top off any outfit beautifully. This pin would fit right in our Jewelry For Working Women category as well.  We think this is a golden opportunity not to be passed up.

Item # : 5099      Price: $ 45.00

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Weiss Vintage Rhinestone Heart Pin

We simply could not resist placing this magnificent Weiss signed 1950″s vintage Rhinestone heart pin up for sale.  This is the type of pin that is usually found in a cigar box with other old jewelry but such is not the case here.  Clive’s Unique Jewelry has brought it  back to life in time for Valentines Day. The Rhinestones are in beautiful condition….marquis cut. round, and emerald shape. The stones have not darkened with age and there is no corrosion to the metal at all  and each stone is individually prong set . When you think about it, this pin has survived almost 70 YEARS….what an accomplishment. The pin measures about 2.25″ X 2″.  Lets give this sparkler a new home.

Item #: 5100      Price: $ Sorry but this lovely pin has found a new home.

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Onyx Black Glass Floral/Sunburst Brooch

At first glance this appears to be another floral brooch. At a closer look you will see a double tier of beautiful black Onyx glass marquis cut all bezel set and individually pronged with a jet black faceted center stone, all in a sunburst or floral pattern. To the verso is a crocheted backing for the stones with a french metal ” u” clasp. This brooch is possibly from French or German origin.  We are calling this a statement making unique brooch.

Part # : 5063      Price: $ 50.00

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Trifari Crown Vintage Starburst Brooch w/ Aqua Center Crystal

Without a doubt, this Trifari Crown signed brooch is an absolute classic and belongs in anyone’s collection of jewelry. The gold tone brooch is about 2″ in diameter so it is not very large, but packs a huge statement wallop. The center stone is an aqua faceted crystal and the back is brushed gold tone with the signed Crown & Trifari stamp.   How does that saying go…..? Good things come in small packages!

Part #: 5047      Price: $ 95.00

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UTERQUE Beetle “Jelly Belly” Brooch

UTERQÜE: Is a Spanish Inditex Group specializing in high quality clothing, shoes, general accessories and of course jewelry with retail outlets worldwide. This terrific Beetle ( which we have also included in our new Executive Jewelry line) consists of a Lavender Color clear acrylic main body whose wings are  lined with black and grey crystals. Above the main torso is an oval black faceted acrylic bead. The eyes are Aventurine and see to have a glow all their own. The entire frame including the antennae are black metal and the Beetle is signed UTERQÜE to the verso. The brooch measures 3″ tall by 2″ wide. We think this Beetle brooch is rare and “Uterly” unique ! 🙂

Part #: 5057      Price: $ 250.00

• As usual shipping & insurance are at no charge.

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Vintage Bayanihan Post Modernist Sterling Silver Pin

Clive’s Unique Jewelry is proud to offer for sale this magnificent vintage Bayanihan Post Modernist Sterling Silver brooch designed by W. Thomas Burns of the Bayanihan Jewelry Company founded in 1974. This 1970’s brooch is of classic design and is stamped to the verso Bayanihan 925. The brooch measures about 3″ in height and about 1 3/4″ at its widest point. We have included this brooch in our  Jewelry For Working Women category as well as in our general section. It is important to note that this particular brooch does bear some wear marks as it has been previously worn and also as a result of its age.

Item #: 5046      Price: $ 135.00

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Swarovski Vintage “Cosmic” Demi-Parure

Out of this world is the best way to describe this rare Swarovski demi- parure consisting of a bracelet, pin and matching earrings. The material is deep cobalt blue enamel accented with pavé rhinestones, gold planets, lots of stars, moon, and sun.  The oval bracelet measures 2″ x 2 1/2″ with a slide clasp. The planet  pin measures about 2″ in diameter and the clip on earrings are about 1″ in diameter. We have included photos to the verso which also show rhinestones set in the back. Each piece has the famous  Swan. Hallmark. This vintage set has been in Clive’s private collection and now it’s time to find a new owner. Very collectible, very unique and VERY Out Of This World.

PLEASE NOTE: We initially attributed this set to Gloria Vanderbilt  and it was brought to our attention by one Rachel Burge that the set was indeed Swarovski and not Gloria Vanderbilt but the Swan Hallmarks for both are very similar but there are differences if one looks closely. We thank Rachel for the correction and we have made the appropriate description and price change accordingly. 

Item #: 5040      Price: $ 850.00

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Joan Rivers Keepsake Trinket Box W/ Matching Pin & Earrings

This Russian designed trinket box by Joan Rivers is one of a collectible set of four. This beautifully emerald green enameled box contains a removable pin which safely sits in its own magnetic nest on top. The pin is adorned with Aurora Borealis crystals with matching latch back pierced earrings. The interior of the box is yellow enamel and the sides of the box are in a gold tone filigree motif. The oval box measures about 2 1/2″ long and 2″ wide.  The pin measures about 2″ long by 1 3/4″ wide. The earrings are about 1″ in length. (not counting the pierced ear hardware. All the stones are original with none missing or replaced. We don’t think it has ever been used.  The box and the earrings are signed Joan Rivers.  “Three fer”…. Jeweled Pin, Earrings and a trinket box to put them in. 

Item # 4900      Price: $ 95.00

Shipping & insurance are always at no charge.

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Topazio Antique Sterling Silver Pin & Earring Set

This charming  fiilligreed  heart shaped, Sterling Silver  pin and earring set is over 60 years old and was given as a family gift. The set is signed Topazio, Portugal and is still made today we believe.  We have taken the liberty of cleaning the silver and we have enclosed both before and after cleaning photos.  The detailed workmanship is exquisite.  The pin is about 2″ long and the heart is about 1″ wide. The screw back earrings are 1 1/2′  tall.  So, making a statement comes in all sizes.

Item #: 4906      Price: $ 95.00

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Coro Signed Vintage Spanish Royal Order Of Isabella Pin/Pendant

This is a very interesting Spanish pin/pendant depicting The Royal Order Of Isabella The Catholic. This pin was granted in recognition of services that benefited Spain and the order is not exclusive to the Spanish and many foreigners have received this award as well. The enameling is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. The pin inscribed in white enamel against a navy blue enamel reads as follows: “La Lealtai Acrisola Por Isabel La Catolica” which translates The Royal Order Of Isabella The Catholic.  It is signed by Coro the manufacturer and measures about 1 3/4″ in diameter.  This vintage pin is in excellent condition.  We think it makes a very unique  and unusual Spanish statement.

Item #: 4895      Price: $ 95.00

Shipping and insurance are always at no charge.

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Vintage Marcasite Snake Pin

From Clive’s Private Collection

Every once in awhile  Clive brings out a unique piece from his private collection. This vintage Marcasite snake pin is one example. The pin is at least 50 years old and is adorned with European Marcasites. To the verso on the tail is marked Sterling 925.  The pin measures about 7″ in length and there may be a missing Marcasite here or there but for its age it is in remarkable condition and it is very difficult to find a missing stone. We think it makes a very unique statement.

Item # 4894      Price: $ 300.00

Insurance & Shipping Are Always At No Charge

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1940’s Ski Pin

Skiing Down The Slopes Has Never Been More Fun.

This young lady is just is racing  down the slopes in her black & red ski outfit complete with swirling snow behind her.  This  young lady has had her share of bumps and bruises on the slopes judging by the scratched enamel black & red paint on her outfit. The detail is absolutely  great complete with her blond hair flying in the breeze and that wonderful cherry red lipstick.  The pin is very old, the brass needs some polishing, and the clasp needs repair or replacement…..but think of the fun you would have in restoring this pin to its original glory.  The pin is 1 1/2″ in diameter, 1 1/2″ tall and the skis themselves are almost 2 1/2″ long.  By next winter you and her could make a huge statement on the slopes.

Item # : 4883      Price: $ 45.00

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Limoges Pin & Earring Set Antique Gold Plated

“Lovers Finally Alone In A Garden”

Ah…..Springtime, when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of love…..and we have this precious moment captured in a very old , hand painted, Limoges/France signed Porcelain pin and earring set.  We have seen different versions of this pin scene, but the matching screw back Porcelain earrings are a rarity.  The set is in magnificent condition with all the gold plate showing around the scalloped edges. and the subjects clear and crisp. The earrings are just slightly larger than a 10 cent piece  and the pin measures about one and one half inches in diameter or about the size of a Silver Dollar. Some describe the pin as a Limoge Mini Plate and the back has a “Trombone” workable clasp.  Love is in the air, take advantage of it.

Item #: 4885      Price: $ 50.00

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Coro Commemorative Enamel Flag Pin Circa 1941


Gold plated letters on a white enamel banner at the bottom of this vintage 1940’s Coro signed,   enamel flag pin commemorating the 1938 Friendship Conference of North & South America.  The pin, designed by Lester Gaba depicts 21 countries in alphabetical order with the exception of the U.S. Flag in the middle.  The enamel  flags of each country are in excellent condition with only very slight chipping of the enamel at the end flags on both sides which is hardly noticeable.  This pin is in remarkable condition considering its age.  The flag tops and posts are gold plated as well as the back. It is signed Coro with the patent #.  The pin measures about 2 1/4″ x 2 3/4″.  Isn’t this the right time to make an international statement ?

Item # : 4855      Price: $ 85.00

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Vintage Sterling Silver & Black Onyx Pin & Earring Set

Some Things Never Go Out Of Style- They Are Timeless

And so is this beautiful vintage Sterling Silver & Onyx pin & earring set. The back is signed TL-41  Mexico 925. The T means that the set was made in Taxco, Mexico and the L possibly means the initial of the designer although after lengthy research we could not find who the artist was.  The style indicated that it was clearly from the 1970’s / 1980’s.  This vintage set was worn and does show normal wear, however it does not detract from its beauty.  So show the world you are as timeless as this statement set.

Item #: 4871      Price: $ 150.00

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Antique Bar Pin Of Very Old Paste Stones

Paste….Not Your Everyday Glue Variety

Pictured above is a great example of what was known as paste jewelry.   Paste jewelry dates back to the early 1700’s.   Paste was made out of high quality glass and combined with lead oxide to form truly sparkling stones which were designed to imitate Diamonds.   Sometime these stones were foil backed to give more depth to the stone.   The term paste is used very casually today and incorrectly refers to many types of costume jewelry.   This Sterling Silver bar pin contains 5 Paste stones to simulate Diamonds. The pin itself is 1 3/4″ long and although it is not a large piece of jewelry, we think it is one of the  best examples of true, very old paste jewelry.    This is a must have for any serious costume jewelry collector.

Item# : 4869   We Are Sorry, This Pin Is No Longer Available

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Retro Deco Marcasite Sterling Floral Pin

Strawberries & Cream,  Marcasites & Sterling Silver !

Both are made for each other.

Pictured above is a terrific Retro Deco Pin with a flower motif accented with faceted Marcasites. The square pin measures 1 1/4″ all around and is stamped Sterling on the back.  You can’t go wrong with this one ! The only Mistake you will make is not buying it 🙂

Item # : 4862      Price: $ Sorry, this beautiful pin has been sold.

Remember: Shipping & Insurance Are Always FREE.

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Vintage Sterling Silver Rose Pin


Presented here is a very elegant, very lovely Sterling Silver rose vintage pin…..circa 1950’s. The pin is marked STERLING on the back stem.  The detail is very fresh and vivid. The rose is about 3″ tall and 2 1/4″ at its widest point. So…..make a statement that says you are wild about roses !

Item #: 4810      Price: $ 70.00

REMEMBER: Shipping & Insurance Are Always FREE

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DSCF1370 DSCF1371