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Gerda Lynggaard for Monies Vintage Black Horn Necklace

Gerda Lynggaard- a name synonymous with unique and unusual designs created this unsigned  very large black Horn  necklace.  This necklace comes from Clive’s Unique Jewelry private collection and purchased it new in the late 1970’s.  The necklace consists of large irregular shaped random placed graduated discs of black Horn.  The largest piece being 4 x 1/5 inches in length. The 11 horn discs are supported by  matching circular graduated chain links.  19 inch leather adjustable straps support the entire necklace.  We can safely call this a “one of a kind necklace as no two were ever made exactly the same.  We are pleased to offer this very collectible necklace up for sale. 

Item #: 5500      Price: $ 450.00

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Retro Art Deco Pendant/Necklace-Artist Designed

Presented here is a magnificent retro example of Art Deco Craftsmanship for fashion costume jewelry. The center medallion (enhancer) can be interchanged with any number of chains. We have included it with a serpentine tubular mesh chain. Both the chain and the pendant are signed by Jan Michaels a world famous San Francisco artist who Clive knows personally and has purchased many of her works . This particular pendant is polished brass and contains a muted color marble Trapeze shaped stone encased in a Deco brass design. The pendant measures 2 1/2″ in length and the schain measures about 15 1/2″ in length and the generous 2 1/2″ extension with a lobster claw clasp. The attention to detail is great and the entire piece is very well made.   The Art Deco movement  dared to be different…….you can too.

Item # : 5186      Price: $ 145.00

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Joe Vilaiwan Brown Crystal Sunburst Necklace

Seeing Is Believing !

This magnificent necklace is designed and signed by Joe Vilaiwan consists of honey colored bezel set glass petals culminating in a huge floral pattern sunburst with a large sparkling brown multi tiered acrylic center medallion.  ( wow that was a mouthful) . The two columns of glass petals that support the medallion overlap one another.  The floral sunburst measures 5″ high and about 4 ” wide.  The center medallion measures about 1 1/2″ x 2″.  The entire necklace measures about 12″ in height with a very generous extension chain. If you want a statement necklace, this might be the one you want to purchase !

Item #: 4746      Price: $ 750.00

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Sylca Designs Tricolor “Desert” Necklace


     Jewelry…As Unique As You Are

This tri color beauty from Sylca designs consists of strands of small brown, gold and burgundy beads interlocked with strands of black wooden beads as well. The necklace measures 22″ long and includes a hook & button clasp. It’s lightweight and easy to wear. Sort of reminds us of a Sonoran Desert at sunset or sunrise for that matter

Item #: 5107      Price: $ 65.00

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Seven Color Acrylic Segmented Bracelet

Clive’s unique jewelry has recently purchased a line of jewelry that is truly unique and very easy to accessorize as you will see.  Here is a segmented seven color stretch acrylic bracelet.  Each oval measures about 1.25″ X 1 “. This bracelet is very lightweight and sooooo easy to go with anything !

Item #: 5109      Price: $ 35.00

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Vilaiwan Designer Onyx & Crystal Bib

From the world famous designer Joe Vilaiwan comes this magnificent  double tier bib necklace consisting of  alternating levels of black onyx and silver crystals in a scalloped presentation. The widest point of the necklace measures about 10 1/2 ” across and about 10″ from top to bottom. I have also included a photo of the reverse side to indicate the quality of this necklace . Most of Mr. Vilaiwan’s designs are unique and no piece is ever the same. Clive has personally known Joe Vilaiwan for many years and he never ceases to disappoint! 

Item #: 4796      Price: $600.00

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Multi Color Random Circle Acrylic Necklace

This acrylic necklace (perfect for Fall & Winter) consists of randomly placed various sized circles in brown, beige, black, wine,  in a closed slip on style.  The largest circles are 2″ in diameter and the smallest circles toward the back of the necklace measure about 1″ in diameter. This a very lightweight necklace and is easy, oh so easy to accessorize. So, are you going around in circles?…..let this necklace do it for you instead. !

Item # : 5030      Price: $ 65.00

As usual all shipping & insurance are at no charge.

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Dazzling V Shaped Multicolor Teardrop Necklace

We could not stop looking at this brand new sparkling, dazzling, irresistible,  multi color, teardrop , V shape necklace.  The teardrops come in various shapes and sizes in a random pattern.  The colors are magnificent and flash every which way.  The top of the V measures 5-1/2″ across and about 8″ long.  The necklace is supported by a 4″ chain on either side dotted with rhinestones as well as a 2″ extension chain. Make a dazzling statement this holiday season with a ” belle of the ball” look.

Item #: 4977……Sorry, This gorgeous necklace is sold.

As always, shipping & insurance are at no charge.

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