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Sparkling, Dazzling Rhinestone Crystal Bracelet

Slip this little number on your wrist and watch what happens……magic, that’s what. You are going to sparkle, shine, and glow with this rhinestone crystal bracelet with a 5 strand train. The main body of the bracelet contains two rows of white crystal rhinestones and two rows of Aurora Borealis crystal rhinestones. The train is all white stones. The cuff closed is 2″  in diameter and has an 1 1/2″ extension chain. The longest strand in the train measures about 5 1/2″.  So….add a little razzle dazzle statement to your life….it’s been a long winter, let’s start to shine!

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Collectible Kirk’s Folly Bird Of Paradise Bracelet

This very collectible Kirk’s Folly Bird Of Paradise Bracelet is now discontinued.  Kirk’s Folly jewelry is outlandish, extreme, wild, well executed, and well simply fun to wear. You are sure to be noticed with this piece around your wrist. We cannot be sure of its age, but we know it is extremely collectible.  The bird’s tail is about 3″ long and about 2 1/2″ wide.  The main body of the bird is about 3″ long. The spring loaded cuff is about 3″ in diameter. This bracelet has been previously owned and we think it is in excellent condition with all the stones intact. So……make a statement by creating your own little spot of paradise with this bird of paradise bracelet. It’s going to turn heads, we guarantee it.

Item #: 4621      Price: $ 150.00

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Titanium Treated Quartz Cuff

This 3 1/2″ long cuff is accented with a 2 1/2″ x 2″ slab of Titanium Treated Quartz. It is artisan crafted and the entire cuff reflects a myriad of color reminiscent of Carnival Glass. The cuff is made of an alloy metal which is nickel free, lead free and hypoallergenic with a baked lacquer finish. This winter, make an Aurora Borealis statement.

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Rhinestone Solid Bracelets- Champagne & Black, White, Grey

Two rhinestone solid bracelets sold separately. One champagne & white rhinestones, the other with black, white and grey rhinestones. The champagne colored one measures 1″ wide and the black, white and grey one measures about 3/4″ wide.  Both bracelets are about 2 1/2″ in diameter and are solid, slip ons.  So, looking to make a  sparkle statement?…’ve come to the right place.

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Item#: 4287    Price: $65.00- Champagne Color Bracelet

Item #: 4288    Price: $50.00- Black, White & Grey Bracelet

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DSCF9680 DSCF9683

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Black Onyx Faceted Crystal Bracelet-Starburst Pattern

“Star bright, star light, first star I see tonight………”This bracelet is real….not a wish. It consists of multi layers of  black Onyx faceted crystals in a star burst pattern. The back of the bracelet is lines with black silk ribbon. Each crystal is individually silver wired.  It is a true craft/ artisan bracelet.  So make a wish on a star but go ahead and order this statement bracelet from us.

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Item #: 4475    Price:$135.00

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Art Nouveau, Artisan Crafted Retro Bracelet

How about an Art Nouveau bracelet to go with that lovely pendant? The center brass nymph measures 3″ long by 2″ wide.  The total length of the bracelet is about 5 1/2″ long. The medallion is secured by a double brass mesh chain. The detail is absolutely fantastic and harkens back to the Art Nouveau period in all its glory.  This bracelet will make a magnificent statement with or without the pendant!

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Condition: New

#: 4539    Price: $85.00

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Men’s Sapphire, Diamond, 14k Gold Bracelet

This men’s Sapphire & Diamond bracelet is about 12 years old. It is designed in 14K Gold with 9 Sapphires channel set with 13 Diamonds channel set on each side. The total weight of the gold is 34.3 grams in a basket weave link design. The total weight of the diamonds equals approximately 40 points. This bracelet has been previously worn and bears wear marks on the clasp and the edges of the gold channels but barely visible with the naked eye. The basket weave shows very little signs of wear.

Please Note: The Sale Of This Item Is Final And No Return Will Be Accepted. Please Feel Free To Contact Us With Any Questions You May Have Prior To Purchase. Thank You.

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#- D & S….Price: $2500.00


Pearl & Sterling Silver Bracelet

Simple but very elegant Sterling Silver bracelet randomly set with bezel set Freshwater Pearls. Pearls are always easy to wear and easy to accessorize. Artisan crafted and signed. Pearls always make an elegant statement both dressed up and casual.

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Condition: New

# 4517    Price: $95.00

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DSCF9080DSCF9082DSCF9078DSCF9079 (2)

Jaguar, Hinged Rhinestone Bracelet

What To Wear While Driving A Jaguar?

Here is the beautiful animal in all its glory in a hinged cuff bracelet.  with black enamel and rhinestones with marquise shaped emerald green crystal eyes. The Jaguar’s tail forms the bottom of the cuff. The bracelet is not signed but reminds us  of K.J.L. style  in the  60’s and 70’s.  It looks to be almost new and in perfect condition. Make A Statement No Matter What Automobile You Drive.

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Condition: Not new but in pristine condition

# 4480    Price: $135.00

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Multi Color Acrylic Stretch Bracelet

Is This A Relative Of The Famous “Philadelphia” Bracelet

Well, it could be but at the very least a very, very, very distant relative….in fact not related at all and if the truth be known, we think it’s prettier than the famous Bakelite model and much less expensive.  What we have here is a  stretch bracelet consisting of very  decorative acrylic rectangles in beautiful, bright, vivid patterns and colors. We are unable to determine the age, but we would venture a guess that it could be from the 60’s. Whatever its age it’s  in beautiful condition. There are statements, and then there are VERY colorful statements you can make!

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Condition: Previously Worn

# 4479    Price: $550.00

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Brass Deco Design Large Open Cuff Bracelet

Presented here is a brass coated cuff in a mat finish in a very deco style. The cuff measures 3 1/2″ in length and 5 3/4″ in girth. It is flexible and will fit on any wrist.  The metal is very lightweight and can be accessorized with anything.

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