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Grady Alexander Sterling Earrings


We can promise you the Moon & The Stars……well almost. Here is a wonderful pierced Sterling Silver earring set designed and signed by the wonderful artisan Grady Alexander of New Mexico. Grady Alexander jewelry is very collectible and in demand.  The theme of the earrings are The Man In The Moon and one lovely star to light the way. The earrings measure about 1 3/4″ long and are very light weight. There is some age to this pair although we don’t know how old they are. They are also previously worn and do bear some usage marks, but we think they do not detract from their uniqueness. So……if someone once promised you the Moon & The Stars, but it never came true, you can do something about it now.

Item #: 4624      Price: Sorry, these unique earrings have been sold !

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DSCF0027 DSCF0025 DSCF0026 DSCF0030

Givenchy Signed Rhinestone Crystal Drop

Sometimes less is a lot more  when looking at this lovely, lace delicate designed rhinestone/crystal drop pendant by Givenchy.  Dress it up, or wear it with jeans. We think it’s a slam dunk and a home run. The necklace measures 9″ in length with a very generous 3″ extension chain that even has a lovely rhinestone drop at the end. You can make a statement in a number of ways….this is one way.

Item #: 4618      Price: $ $45.00

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DSCF9977 DSCF9974 DSCF9969

Sea Glass Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

“By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea………” Ocean water glass crafted by years and years of erosion of water on colored shards of glass…..all bezel set into sterling silver. Both pierced earrings contain different pastel colors in each earring. The earrings measure about 2 1/2″ in length. Each piece of irregularly shaped glass is perfectly bezel set into Sterling Silver. Make a statement on the water or on land.

Item # : 4594      Price: $ 90.00

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DSCF9836 DSCF9832

Vintage Costume Jewelry By Napier

Draped Brass Chain Necklace accented with 14 Smokey Topaz teardrop, faceted crystals in a waterfall design. This 1950’s vintage piece is in excellent condition. The necklace has a hook and ball clasp and the Napier signature appears on the hook. This statement necklace would make a wonderful addition to your vintage collection.

Item #: 4579    Price: $ 225.00

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DSCF9763 DSCF9761 DSCF9760 DSCF9759

Mexican Sterling Silver 1940’s Pin

It’s siesta time way down south with this delightful pin depicting a Mexican having a siesta among the prickly pear cacti. We gauge this collectible pin to have been made in the 40’s or early 50’s and is Sterling Silver and signed on the back “Mexico” Silver”.  The pin measures about 2 1/4″ long about 3/4″ high. The detail in the pin is pretty clear and we think it would make a nice addition to your silver collection.  So make a statement by telling the world, you know how to relax.

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Item #: 4578    Price: $75.00

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Gus Constantine Artist Signed Robot Pendants

At first we thought that these were “extras” from one of the Star Wars films, but it turns out that these pendants were designed and signed by the artist, Gus Constantine,  who specializes in robot statuary  and also he works in aluminum creating Manhattan buildings to create skylines. We have met Gus and we think his work  is unbelievable not to mention very unique. These 3 pendants are made from pieces of Bakelite and other parts. We think they are delightful. We had 6 pieces total and these are the last 3 remaining. So, tell the world you are ready for the future by making a robotic statement now.

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Left- Item # 3988    Price: $225.00

Middle- Item # 3984    Price: $225.00

Right- Item # 3986    Price: Sorry, It’s Sold

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                #3988                                               # 3984                                       #3986


# 3984

# 3986

SOBRAL Designer Multi Color Acrylic Choker

Presented here is a fantastic Sobral designer necklace consisting of 30 multi colored acrylic cones. Sobral is a Brazilian Designer whose jewelry is famous throughout the entire world. He is an expert in creating vivid colors in an acrylic medium. The cones measure about 1 3/4 ” in length and about 1 1/2″ in length. This necklace is no longer made in this large motif…..smaller versions exist but not this largest of the cone shape chokers. These large cones are extremely difficult to find and every one that we have found have sold immediately. The necklace is stamped with the designer’s hallmark. This necklace has been previously worn but is in excellent condition.  All we can say is wow, what a statement.

Item # 4577    Price: 750.00

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Kate Spade Waterfall Rhinestone Earrings

Just in time for the holidays or any dress up occasion come these double layered (5 strands each) Kate Spade waterfall pattern rhinestone earrings. They measure about 1/2″ wide and about 2″ in length.  They are sure to make a statement by a waterfall or anywhere else.

Condition: New

# 4557    Price: $98.00

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Artisan Crafted Art Nouveau Pin

Jan Michaels signed and hand crafted Art Nouveau brass pin with Freshwater Pearl Accents. The pin measures about 2 1/2″ in length and 2 1/2″ at it widest point. Two Freshwater Pearls grace the top and bottom of the pin. Jan Michaels is one of the most creative artisans and her jewelry is very unique. With this pin, it’s easy to make a creative and unique statement.

Condition: New

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# 4456    Price: $ $65.00 Sorry, this pin is sold.

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Art Nouveau, Artisan Crafted, Retro Pendant

Here is a beautiful brass Art Nouveau pendant of a garden nymph or fairy whichever you prefer. The pendant is 3″ long about 1 1/2″ wide. It is artisan crafted and you may purchase this in two ways:       1. Pendant only or 2. With a single strand black Onyx bead rope which measures 15″ long and has a 5 1/2″ extension chain. It is possible to double up the black Onyx necklace. So, make an Art Nouveau statement in or out of the garden!

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Condition: New

#: 4540A    Price: Pendant Only- $40.00

#: 4540B    Price:Pendant W/Black Onyx Rope- $90.00

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# 4540-A

# 4540-B

Stanley Hagler/Ian St Gielar Demi Parure

Varied shades of cranberry colored quartz accented with Russian gold filigree and seeded glass florettes make up this exquisite demi parure  necklace, earrings, and pin.  The set is signed in 5 places and was produced in the late 1980’s. Each medallion in the necklace measures about 3″ in length and about 2″ wide. There are 5 medallions in the necklace accented with a double strand of cranberry quartz glass beads . There is a very generous extension 3 1/2″ extension chain made up of 6 carnberry quartz beads. The pin measures about 2 1/2″ long and about 3 1/4″ wide. The earrings are clip on and about 1 1/2″ in diameter. The attention to detail is absolutely spectacular.   So, make a grand Thanksgiving Day statement by wearing cranberries instead of eating them!

Condition: Previously worn, but in pristine condition.

Item #: 3904      Price: $ $1200.00

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FENDI Designer Earrings

FENDI signed clip on earrings in a cluster scroll design with black enamel band.  The earrings are about 1 1/2″ long.  Very chic, very tailored and easy to wear with anything.  You won’t be able to “fend” off the compliments with these statement earrings !!

Condition: previously worn, but in great condition.

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# 4533    Price: $55.00

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Jan Michaels Space Swirl Earrings

 Before too long we will be packing for trips to outer space, but in the meantime here are a pair of Jan Michaels signed brass space swirl dangle clip on earrings.  They are a delight with an art deco flair as well. The earrings measure about 3 ” in length. They are very light weight and make an “out of this world” statement!

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Condition: New & Jan Michaels signed

# 4466    Price: $ 55.00

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Jan Michaels Black Onyx Necklace/Pendant

Jan Michaels at her best. Here is a wonderful black Onyx and brass necklace/pendant with a definite Art Nouveau design. The double chain necklace is accented with Onyx beads and culminates in an Art Nouveau monogram design pendant against a black Onyx background.  The necklace measures about 9″ in length with a 3″ extension chain. Make a statement in a “nou” way.

 Signed Jan Michaels

# 4462    Price: $110.00 Sorry, this has been sold.

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Jan Michaels Tribal Necklace

A beautifully crafted tribal necklace designed by Jan Michaels which features Pineapple Jasper with brass geometry.  Jan Micheals creates some of the best artisan designs in this country. Each piece is very unique utilizing natural materials. The necklace measures about 12″ long  with a very generous 5″ extension chain. One of the easiest ways to make a statement.

Condition: New & Signed Jan Michaels

# 4465    Price:$115.00

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K.J.L Signed Serpent Pin

“The Best Way To Get Rid Of Temptation Is To Yield To It……..” Oscar Wilde

Presented here is a signed Kenneth J. Lane serpent pin in a matted gold tone finish.  The pin measures 5″ top to bottom and about 4″ wide. The pin is oval stamped Kenneth Lane. It is a vintage piece and in pristine condition. This pin makes a bold, brassy, gutsy statement…..don’t you think??

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# 4495    Price: $ 250.00

Condition: Previously worn-pristine condition

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Very Rare Hobe Golden “Mayorka” Petals Demi Parure

From Clive’s personal collection comes this magnificent  and rare Hobé  demi parure consisting of a necklace and earrings.  Hobé titled this set “Golden Mayorka Petals” and consists of small and large heart shaped golden and white opalescent Milk Glass complimented with various shades of Topaz Rhinestones and tiny Aurora Borealis Crystals. The necklace alone is signed in six places and dated 1957.  The earrings are also signed. The necklace does bear some wear marks to the verso but does not detract from the beauty or value of this very rare and collectible set. Hobé is no longer in business which also adds to the value.

Important note: if anyone is interested in purchasing this set, we suggest you contact Clive’s Unique Jewelry BEFORE your purchase for additional information. Thank you.

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# 4494    Price: $1250.00

Hobe Necklace W/Cabochon Clasp

Classic Hobé 3 strand Chain necklace with a wonderful emerald green cabochon clasp. The necklace is signed on the oval clasp which measures about 2″ in length by 1 1/2″ wide.   The chains are brass and the stones are all original to the necklace.  A statement necklace as classic now as when it was new.

Condition: Previously worn, but well cared for.

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# 752    Price: $165.00

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K.J.L. Interchangeable Pierced Earring Set

 1970’s Kenneth J. Lane Boxed and signed interchangeable,  pierced earring  set in original red velvet signed box as well.  The set consists of Lion’s head posts that are interchangeable with 7 acrylic discs in red, navy blue, white, green, orange, aqua and black. The discs measure about 1″ in diameter.

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Condition: Pristine condition (we don’t think they were ever worn)

# 4493    Price: $115.00

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Sorrelli Signed Overlay Necklace

Sorrelli handcrafted jewelry represents the very best in this artisan crafted gold tone overlay necklace. Each piece has a slightly different overlay relief on the graduated gold toned plates and then various sized bezel set rhinestone crystals are placed randomly on the plates. The necklace measures about 14 1/2″ in length. This necklace makes a quieter but very elegant statement.

Condition: New & Signed

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# 4477    Price: $110.00

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Charles Albert S. Silver Titanium Quartz Pendant

Here is a very large  Charles Albert signed Titanium treated quartz pendant bezel set into Sterling Silver.  The pendant reflects  Aurora Borealis colors which remind me of deep purple carnival glass.  The pendant measures 7″ long and 5″ wide. The pendant is shown with a solid Sterling Silver neck piece, and may be purchased with or without the neck piece. It makes a “Northern Lights” statement.

Condition: New

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Item #: 4791 A       Price : $525.00- Pendant W/ S.Silver Neck

Item #: 4791 B      Price:$ 495.00- Pendant Only

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 4791 A

4791 B

Jan Michaels “Tribal Necklace”

Here is an artisan crafted necklace consisting of a large removable pendant attached to a brass, mesh, braided necklace accented with Freshwater Pearls. The pendant is about 4″ long and contains a Freshwater Pearl dangle accented with a stone arrowhead, a stone shell, a pine tree, a small brass owl, feather and a nautical fossil.  Very unique, very unusual and guaranteed to make a statement.

Condition: New

For a wider view, please click on photo below.

# 4352    Price: $175.00

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Jan Michaels “Mission Style” Necklace

Presented here is a signed Jan Michaels beautiful pendant/ necklace titled A Tribute To Frank Lloyd Wright. The necklace is brass with round, oval and rectangular black Onyx accents. The pendant is hung from a 14″  black Onyx rope with a lobster claw clasp and a very generous 6″ extension chain. The pendant itself measures about 3 1/2″ in length and about 3″ wide at the brass diameter. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to a world famous architect and make a superb statement at the same time.

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# 4457/4458    Price: 145.00 Sorry, it has been sold.

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