Gerda Lynggaard Rare, Important Fashion Necklace

Many, many years ago I was at my Distributor for Gerda Lynggaard jewelry and I  met Lynggaard there  ( I also have her autograph) and I purchased this necklace which she  personally designed.  Over the years on  occasion I would display it at various antique shows. This unsigned necklace consists of a variety of materials, including acrylic beads, faux Pearls, glass bugle beads, gold foil ceramic tubes to name a few all of which are randomly placed. It’s secured by a round brass “planetary” slide clasp with a large faux Pearl.  This bib style necklace measures about 19.5 inches across.  The clasp is about 1.5 inches in diameter.  As far as I am aware. this was a singular design .  I have taken exceptional care with this necklace and it is in excellent condition considering its age. I am the primary owner of this necklace.  This is what Clive’s Unique Jewelry is all about. 

Item #: 5508      Price: $  3600.00

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