Duet Of Bold Gold Tone & Rhinestone Bangles

TWO for the price of ONE……Yup…..this is a”twofer” ! Two identical bangles that can be worn separately or just one.  These closed tubular gold tone polished bangles each have 4 bezel set Rhinestone studs placed at East, West North & South raised pinwheel positions.  Wear “One if by land, and two if by sea” (cruising that is) !

Material: Polished Gold Tone Metal
Closure: Closed….No Clasp
ID: 2.50″
OD: 3.0″ (not including Rhinestone studs)
Condition: Preowned-excellent
Age: Contemporary- (whatever that means!!)
Item #: 5653
Price:$ 125.00

Note: If sold separately, Item # 5651, Price $ 75.00 ea.

As usual shipping & insurance are free.

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Duet #5653-$125.00

Single # 5651-$75.00