Classic Whiting & Davis Gold Mesh Bandana

Some jewelry never goes out of style…..why you ask??  Well there are a number of reasons…….easy to accessorize, quality & design of product to name just a few.  This Whiting & Davis gold mesh bandana style is one of them.  Probably created in the 1950’s this jewelry has ebbed and flowed in its popularity ever since. Right now it is more popular than ever.  The Whiting  & Davis Co. still exists in fact Clive formed a long friendship with one of it’s ceo’s who has since passed away.  Timeless, a classic, making a statement…..hmmmm doesn’t that sort of describe you as well??

Material: Flash Gold Plating-Mesh
Size: 15 3/4″ X 7 1/2″ Drop W/ 2 1/2″
Extension Chain
Condition: Excellent-never Worn
Age: probably 1970’s-1980’s
Signature: Whiting & Davis Hanging Charm
Item #: 5654
Price: $ Sorry Its Sold

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