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K.J.L. Interchangeable Pierced Earring Set

 1970’s Kenneth J. Lane Boxed and signed interchangeable,  pierced earring  set in original red velvet signed box as well.  The set consists of Lion’s head posts that are interchangeable with 7 acrylic discs in red, navy blue, white, green, orange, aqua and black. The discs measure about 1″ in diameter.

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Condition: Pristine condition (we don’t think they were ever worn)

# 4493    Price: $115.00

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Ferrara Mesh Earrings

Here are Ferrara designed mesh earrings with shell (Abalone) discs and drop chain mesh. The discs measure 1 1/2″ in diameter and the total length of each earring is about 4″ long. The earrings are made for pierced ears. Ferrara designed pieces  are much sought after. They are very lightweight and make a beautiful statement.

Condition: New

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# 4224    Price: $85.00

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