Very Unique Pirate’s Skull Necklace


Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh-Me Mateys

There are occasions when Clive goes jewelry shopping all  alone and that’s when we never know what he will bring home.  Here is a result of one such purchase.  What we have here is a silver, red and black bead necklace accented with 4  resin painted Pirate’s skull heads complete with eye patches and of course cannonball shrapnel holes in their skulls.  Make this your Piece de Resistance to your swashbuckling wardrobe.!!

Material: Opaque Resin
length: 20″
Beads: Plastic
Condition: Excellent\
Item #: 5592
Price: $ 45.00

Please Note: Normally there is no charge for shipping & insurance but this piece will only be shipped free to an address with the Continental United States. Thank you.

For a closer look, please click on photos below.