SOBRAL Designer Multi Color Acrylic Choker

Presented here is a fantastic Sobral designer necklace consisting of 30 multi colored acrylic cones. Sobral is a Brazilian Designer whose jewelry is famous throughout the entire world. He is an expert in creating vivid colors in an acrylic medium. The cones measure about 1 3/4 ” in length and about 1 1/2″ in length. This necklace is no longer made in this large motif…..smaller versions exist but not this largest of the cone shape chokers. These large cones are extremely difficult to find and every one that we have found have sold immediately. The necklace is stamped with the designer’s hallmark. This necklace has been previously worn but is in excellent condition.  All we can say is wow, what a statement.

Item # 4577    Price: 750.00

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