Silver Eastern Mediterranean Antique Bib Style Necklace Artisan Crafted

Clive’s Unique Jewelry Private Collection 

Presents a magnificent silver artisan wrought Middle Eastern designed bib style necklace exhibiting tiny individual florets with 21 connecting graduated shanks the longest measuring 1 1/2″ long and the shortest measuring 1/2″ and at the end of each shank is a accented small silver ball. Everything is connected by tiny chains. This necklace was a gift to my mother almost 70 years ago. At best I know, the necklace was never worn and has never been polished so you can see the tarnished silver on the ends of the shank. We have done nothing to remove the tarnish patina. The necklace is supported by a fine double link chain necklace. The necklace stretched out from end to end is 18″. It is in absolutely pristine condition with no broken parts or replacements.  This necklace represents a statement of old world elegance of another time and place.

Item #: 4907      Price: $1950.00

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