Orange, Round Disc Acrylic Necklace

Orange Is The New Black-Part 1

It’s not just for Halloween anymore….more and more orange is being worn everyday not only in women’s jewelry but also in menswear as well.  Orange is a very Art Deco color.  This necklace consists of graduated orange, round, acrylic discs accented up top with 7 round beads on each side with a barrel clasp.  Although it is not signed, it has a very definite French look about it.  The necklace measures about 11 ” in length and the largest bottom disc is about 1 1/2″ in diameter. The necklace is very lightweight.  This statement necklace will go with black or for that matter any bright color you want.  (check out the very orange bracelet coming up next  to go with it)

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Condition: New

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