“Broken” Heart Rhinestone Necklace

 Is  Your Heart Broken? 🙁 …We Can Help !

Don’t go around sulking and pouting…..we have the solution. Wear this  silver metal necklace with a lovely rhinestone broken heart. People are bound to notice it and will help you mentally mend your broken heart. The heart measures about 1″ wide and about 3/4″ long. It comes with a 9″ chain with a watch fob clasp. When you examine the reverse side, it is hollow with little carved hearts on the outside in the metal. So you can wear it either way….with the rhinestones showing or reverse. So, smile :)…. and let the heart necklace tell people how you really feel, then when you are all better, pass this necklace on to someone else…..that’s what we call making a kind statement!

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Condition: Previously worn

# 4555    Price: $30.00

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