Gus Constantine Artist Signed Robot Pendants (GN)

At first we thought that these were “extras” from one of the Star Wars films, but it turns out that these pendants were designed and signed by the artist, Gus Constantine,  who specializes in robot statuary  and also he works in aluminum creating Manhattan buildings to create skylines. We have met Gus and we think his work  is unbelievable not to mention very unique. These 3 pendants are made from pieces of Bakelite and other parts. We think they are delightful. We had 6 pieces total and these are the last 3 remaining. So, tell the world you are ready for the future by making a robotic statement now.

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Left- Item # 3988    Price: $225.00

Middle- Item # 3984    Price: $225.00

Right- Item # 3986    Price: Sorry, It’s Sold

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                #3988                                               # 3984                                       #3986


# 3984

# 3986