Elephant Trunk Earrings

Well, we let Clive from Clive’s Unique Jewelry out again once more alone with no advisors or consultants  on what to purchase on a little buying trip and this was what he purchased….Elephant trunk jeweled earrings.  Well here they are in all their glory.  Elephant heads with in a circle with three Marquis cut color, prong set crystals with clip on earrings.  We cannot be sure but they may have been worn ceremonially as part of a costume. The clip ons give the age at about the late 50’s or so. Elephants never forget and neither do we about making a UNIQUE statement.

Material: Gold Tone Metal, Brass & Crystals
Style: Clip On
Age: Late 1950’s- Early 1960’s
Condition: Some slight wear on the Brass rings
but otherwise in good condition
Item #: 5715
price: $ 95.00

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