Copper Or Brass Artisan Crafted Facial Necklace

Remember, Clive’s Unique Jewelry attempts to be just that……Unique….and I think we have hit this one right on the mark. What we have here are two necklaces… in copper and one in brass  consisting of a sculptural artist’s rendition of a face ( or half of one). Both pendants were created from sand molds and the supporting rings are hammered brass or copper. Each one is slightly different and of course made from either copper or brass.  The pendants are about 3 1/2″ wide and the necklace stretched out is about 20″ in length with very generous extension chains. So, we think we have brought Clive’s Unique Jewelry To  A “Unique” Level. !

Copper Necklace Item #: 4920……Price: $ 50.00

                      Brass Necklace Item #: 4921…..      Price: $ 50.00

As usual,  no charge for shipping & insurance.

For a closer look, please click on photos below.