Classic Art Deco Winged Brooch

Many people including Clive have put used or unwanted jewelry in a cigar box and placed them in a bureau drawer or some such and there they lay sometimes for years and years.  Clive recently opened one of his cigar boxes and pulled out this beauty.  It’s a classic Art Deco design brooch replete  with a cornucopia of  pavé   Rhinestones surrounded by red crystal baguettes and a 6 bar square cut rhinestones pointing eastward. This brooch has seen better days but that means it was worn a great deal.  It contains scratches and marks consistent with wear.  The metal is brass and all the stones are original although a few have diminished in shine.   What makes this brooch valuable warts and all is  its design.  It would take minimal restoration to increase its value of this brooch tenfold. Nothing has been done to this brooch, you see it as it came out  of that infamous cigar box.  Lets find a new home for this great classic !

Item #: 5885

Price: $ 85.00

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