Antique Bar Pin Of Very Old Paste Stones

Paste….Not Your Everyday Glue Variety

Pictured above is a great example of what was known as paste jewelry.   Paste jewelry dates back to the early 1700’s.   Paste was made out of high quality glass and combined with lead oxide to form truly sparkling stones which were designed to imitate Diamonds.   Sometime these stones were foil backed to give more depth to the stone.   The term paste is used very casually today and incorrectly refers to many types of costume jewelry.   This Sterling Silver bar pin contains 5 Paste stones to simulate Diamonds. The pin itself is 1 3/4″ long and although it is not a large piece of jewelry, we think it is one of the  best examples of true, very old paste jewelry.    This is a must have for any serious costume jewelry collector.

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