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Vilaiwan Designer Onyx & Crystal Bib

From the world famous designer Joe Vilaiwan comes this magnificent  double tier bib necklace consisting of  alternating levels of black onyx and silver crystals in a scalloped presentation. The widest point of the necklace measures about 10 1/2 ” across and about 10″ from top to bottom. I have also included a photo of the reverse side to indicate the quality of this necklace . Most of Mr. Vilaiwan’s designs are unique and no piece is ever the same. Clive has personally known Joe Vilaiwan for many years and he never ceases to disappoint! 

Item #: 4796      Price: $600.00

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Multi Color Random Circle Acrylic Necklace

This acrylic necklace (perfect for Fall & Winter) consists of randomly placed various sized circles in brown, beige, black, wine,  in a closed slip on style.  The largest circles are 2″ in diameter and the smallest circles toward the back of the necklace measure about 1″ in diameter. This a very lightweight necklace and is easy, oh so easy to accessorize. So, are you going around in circles?…..let this necklace do it for you instead. !

Item # : 5030      Price: $ 65.00

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Dazzling V Shaped Multicolor Teardrop Necklace

We could not stop looking at this brand new sparkling, dazzling, irresistible,  multi color, teardrop , V shape necklace.  The teardrops come in various shapes and sizes in a random pattern.  The colors are magnificent and flash every which way.  The top of the V measures 5-1/2″ across and about 8″ long.  The necklace is supported by a 4″ chain on either side dotted with rhinestones as well as a 2″ extension chain. Make a dazzling statement this holiday season with a ” belle of the ball” look.

Item #: 4977……Sorry, This gorgeous necklace is sold.

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Fir a closer look, please click on photos below.